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Paedon Brown is apparently sick of being silenced.

The 23-year old son of Christine and Kody Brown doesn’t appear on his parents’ his TLC series, Sister Wives. He recently confessed to not even watching it.

For whatever reason, however, the non-reality star has been making the media rounds of late, appearing on podcasts and granting tabloid interviews and shedding light on what it was like to be raised in a polygamous family.

He’s also been trolling his quasi step-mother.

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After publicly stating that he loves his father, yet also isn’t that close to his father, Paedon has now come out with a plea for his father:

Dude, stop procreating! Please!

“Dear God, I have enough siblings,” Brown joked to Us Weekly on Thursday, February 24. “Please, no! I want to make this clear. I don’t want more kids in the family. Nieces and nephews are fine.

"No more kids with any wives, please!”

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Kody has 18 kids overall.

He’s 53 years old and just lost one of his spouses (Paedon’s mom, Christine, moved back to Utah late last year), so one would think/hope Kody isn’t really thinking of expanding his family any longer.

And yet:

There has been speculation here and there that Robyn may be pregnant or may still wanna have more kids.

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"Women talk about that feeling of like, ‘Oh, I’m done.’ I’ve never really got that," Robyn admitted to her husband on a Sister Wives episode that aired last April, adding at the time that she often feels unfulfilled in a parenting sense:

"It’s a big deal to me.

"To make sure, to make sure all my babies are here with me.

"That’s all."

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Robyn — who joined the family in 2010 — shares son Solomon, 10, and daughter Ariella, 5, with Kody.

After becoming spouses by law, the Wyoming native also officially adopted her three kids from a previous marriage: Dayton, 22, Aurora, 19, and Breanna, 16.

In addition to Paedon, Kody and Christine share daughters Aspyn, 26, Mykelti, 25, Gwendlyn, 20, Ysabel, 18, and Truely, 11.

The former couple is now divorced and do not even live in the same state.

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As for whether Paedon wants to follow in his dad’s polygamous footsteps?

“I’ve known it since I was, like, 7. I’ve known it for most of my life,” he told Us last week.

“That is not the life I want to live. … If you think it’s right for you, go for it.”

From what we can gatherr, all of Kody’s older sons and daughters feel this same way.

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And so does Christine now, having experienced the lifestyle for decades and having now embraced the freedom of getting the heck away from it.

“She’s honestly done with it, and that’s OK,” Paedon explained to this same outlet.

“She’s grateful for the sister wives. I think it’s the same thing for the kids.

"We’re all grateful for it, she’s grateful for it, but it’s just not for us and just not for her anymore.”