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Kody Brown is already down one Sister Wife because Christine left him in November.

One could argue he’s also down a second because, by this reality star’s own admission, he’s only friends with Meri Brown and he’ll never sleep with her again.

Now, meanwhile, it appears as  if Kody is looking to axe a third spouse from his life.

Just consider what he says in a clip from part two of the Sister Wives Season 16 tell-all special, which airs on Sunday night, February 6.

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In this footage, obtained and published by People Magazine, host Sukanya Krishnan asks Kody what helps him and Janelle be "in sync" together.

But Kody shockingly responds in unexpected fashion, rejectiing the premise of the question entirely.

"We’re not in sync," he says on air.

Come again, dude?

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"We don’t partner really well but we actually just are able to have a marriage that’s, if you will, lower in attachment," he continues, as cryptically and unpassionately as possible.

"I don’t even know. We’re good friends, we get along well.

"It’s more of a, like, just a committed relationship."

And isn’t that what all spouses aim to achieve in theirr marriage? To be good friends who are in, like a committed relationship?

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Following this strange reply, Krishnan asks Kody if he’s in love with Janelle.

Yes, Kody affirms, he has love for Janelle.

But is he IN LOVE with her?

Kody doesn’t answer in the People sneak peek.

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"Janelle wouldn’t tell you she’s in that place with me either if she was being honest," Kody tries to argue.

When the conversation does shift to Janelle, she tells the host that Kody is her "best friend" and that their emotional and physical intimacy are just "fine."

Which makes it sound as if there is some physical intimacy, at least.

That’s more than Kody and Meri said last Sunday evening about their non-romance, confessing that they hadn’t slept together in 10 years.

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Kody annd Janelle, meanwhile, faced their own struggles throughout Season 16.

In perhaps the most shocking and explosive scene on Sister Wives this yearr, Janelle told Kody to f-ck off after he kept annoying her and harassing her over his very strict COVID-19 protocols.

Elsewhere in this new clip, Christine Brown — who confirmed her separation from Kody in November — is asked about whether there are "parallels" of "unhappiness" between her former relationship with Kody and Janelle’s own connection to the father of 18.

In response, Christine thinks back to the time she asked Janelle whether she was content with Kody.

Kody Brown with Janelle

"She goes, ‘I’ve always thought Kody was a great dad … and I know that he is still a great dad.

"We have things to work out,’ " Christine recalls on the special, adding that Janelle still plans on sticking around and concluding:

"What she needs from Kody is very different than what I ever needed from Kody.

"I think Janelle’s a wicked, awesome, strong woman and I think she fills her own damn tank."

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Janelle and Kody have been in a spiritual union since 1993 and share six kids together.

Just a couple weeks ago, a source told Us Weekly that Janelle was intent on following Christine’s lead and seeing what else is out there.

“Janelle meant it when [she] said she would leave Kody,” this person supposedly told the aforementioned tabloid in January, stunning readers by adding with authority:

“It’s going to happen.”