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Last month, a belligerant Farrah Abraham was arrested after allegedly assaulting security guards who were just doing their jobs.

Farrah’s behavior has always been alarming and suspect, which makes people uneasy about her being a mom.

Recently, Sophia’s account shared a "family" photo featuring a radical new look.

Fans are up in arms, continuing to share their concerns about Farrah’s parenting.

On Wednesday, 12-year-old Sophia Abraham shared a photo.

(Or, more accurately, her Instagram account did — there is ample evidence to believe that Farrah runs it)

She appeared at Debbie Durkin’s Ecoluxe Film & Music Experience at the Beverly Hilton.

Sophia Abraham iwith red velvet hair

Pictured with Sophia were her grandfather and her widely reviled mother.

Sophia’s look stood out, wearing a black jogger set and gorgeous purple hair.

If Wednesday Addams were a gamer girl, that’s the look that she might be sporting. Sort of.

“Family time in Beverly Hills!" Sophia’s photo’s caption reads.

“Love my mom & grandpa @farrahabraham @michaelabrahamofficial," she wrote.

The caption concluded by mentioning: “MY #homeschooled JOGGER SET THO!”

The purple hair, black clothes, and pale makeup gave Sophia a certain vibe, and some commenters weren’t vibing with it.

Some wondered if Farrah had put Sophia up to the look, possibly to make her stand out as a better opportunity for product endorsements.

Others had a more pearl-clutchy weirdo response to seeing a tween.

Some griped about Sophia looking "creepy" with a (gasp!) "goth" vibe.

These are the sorts of people who think that anything but blonde hair and pastels are symptoms of depression.

“Poor child looks horrible. Why a parent could ruin a child like this is so sad. She look like a ghost," one miserable comment opined.

On the more reasonable side of things, some were concerned about the life that Sophia leads.

Living at Farrah’s pace, there wa sreal concern that Sophia is "growing up so much" and that it’s "too fast."

On the one hand, maybe. On the other hand, Sophia will be a teenager later this month. (February 23 is so soon!)

As we mentioned, not every fan concerned over Farrah’s parenting is the kind who panics over cool hair colors.

For example, Farrah recently showed off Sophia’s nails, which were painted with the Playboy logo.

Even if there weren’t a damning documentary about Hugh Hefner out right now, that would be inappropriate for any tween.

Farrah Brings Sophia Along

There is of course the oddity of Sophia’s outfit in the family photo that she shared on Wednesday.

Why exactly is it labeled to draw attention to her homeschooling?

Is it targeted at homeschooling families, or is Farrah just eager to remind everyone of the socialization opportunities that she’s denied to her daughter?

Truth be told, some of the things that Farrah shares about Sophia aren’t inappropriate because of how Sophia is dressed.

They’re inappropriate because Farrah is sharing them.

Sophia is 12 and just a handful of sleeps away from 13. Plenty of what she wears is fine … unless her mom broadcasts it to the whole internet.

Farrah and Sophia on a Yacht

But there’s a reason that Farrah keeps showing off Sophia — because not everybody is interested in her butt injections.

She needs her daughter as part of her brand, and often uses her to promote products to followers.

Sophia’s purple hair is beautiful, but Farrah has made a lot of poor choices … for herself and for her daughter.