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Britney Spears is planning to tell all after securing a massive $15 million publishing deal to write her memoir.

For most of her adult life, she has not been free to tell her own story or make her own decisions. This is welcome news.

But Britney isn’t waiting around to tell the world how she feels about being stripped of her fundamental human rights.

In a new post, she called out Lou Taylor, speculating that her widely reviled former manager may have tried to kill her.

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On Wednesday afternoon, Britney Spears took to Instagram to speak her mind about those who have wronged her.

"A week before they sent me away to that f–king place, TRI STAR invited me to their offices …" she began.

Britney made no secret about resenting "the swanky suited up bitches."

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"SO NICE with their ‘We are here to make you feel SPECIAL’ !!!!" Britney scoffed.

She wrote: "I had lunch with Lou Taylor and Robin Greenhill."

"They said ‘Britney, look at your picture on the wall!’ With a huge black and white framed picture in the hall of their office !!!!!" Britney described.

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"Kate Beckinsale was there too !!!!!" Britney noted.

"They sucked up to me and ‘made me feel special," she said … before explaining how not-so-special she actually felt.

"RIGHT …. Ha those same bitches killed me a week later !!!!" she characterized.

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"My dad worshipped those two women and would have done anything they asked of him !!!!" Britney described.

"I think they were trying to kill me," she accused.

Britney reiterated: "I still to this very day believe that’s EXACTLY what they were trying to do."

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"But not a damn thing was wrong with me," Britney emphasized, "and I didn’t die !!!!"

"Nobody else would have lived through what they did to me!!!" she wrote.

"I lived through all of if and I remember all of it !!!!," Britney assured. 

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"I will sue the shit out of Tri Star !!!!" Britney vowed.

"Psss they got away with all of it," she acknowledged.

"And," Britney added, "I’m here to warn them every day of my precious life !!!!"

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Britney did not specify exactly what she meant.

Sure, she has called out Lou Taylor, her father, and many others for their inexcusable actions leading up to and during her conservatorship.

It is assumed that Britney is referring to when she was sent to a mental wellness center against her will in early 2019.

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This truly marked the beginning of the end of Britney, in part because of a whistleblower — a paralegal who had worked on the conservatorship.

According to reports, Britney — who had no control over which doctors she saw or what medications she took — was missing doses of her meds.

Her father’s response was then to call off her next Vegas residency and have her confined to a medical treatment center, sparking widespread concern.

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This was the dawn of the mainstream Free Britney movement.

Even those of us who had been longtime supporters of Britney and already knew enough to loathe Jamie and Lou ended up learning a lot more about her conservatorship.

We can’t say that we know enough to confirm that this was an attempt to kill Britney, but perhaps Britney’s upcoming book will make all of that clear.