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On his very first episode as the leading man of The Bachelor, Clayton Echard got rejected by two women.

By his own admission, it was a rather rough start to Clayton’s run as this series lead.

But it sure sounds as if things will soon pick up for the former football player. How so? 

We’ll tell you …

Clayton Echard in 2022

Because, according to some The Bachelor spoilers, he’s about to go down… town. If you know what we mean!

We mean with a few other suitors!

As you may have heard about already, via an intriguing teaser for events and developments to come on Season 26, Echard actually tells a pair of his aspiring spouses that he slept with both of them.

Photo via ABC

Neither takes the news very well.

As for their identities?

Reality Steve, the Oracle of Bachelor Spoilers, claims that Echard got down to business (sexually!) with …

Sarah H.
Photo via ABC
  1. Sarah Hamrick (above), a 23-year-old wealth management advisor from New York City, New York.
  2. Rachel Recchia (below), a 25-year-old flight instructor from Clermont, Florida.

What’s interesting is that it sounds as if these bedroom romps took place before the Fantasy Suites.

Photo via ABC

According to Reality Steve, Clayton told Sarah and Rachel about each other during the sixth Rose Ceremony in Vienna, Austria.

That city is where, according to the Internet soothsayer, our leading man eliminated Sarah and gave a rose to Rachel.

As for other Bachelor spoilers?

Cozy with a Contestant

We’ve already rundown Clayton’s final four, which will reportedly be comprised of Susie, Rachel, Serene and Gabby.

We can now add that Serene gets eliminated first from this group of contenders, while Clayton tells the camera toward the end of his season that he’s in love with ALL the remaining women.

How will he possibly choose?

Clayton Echard Promo Pic

There will also be a clear villain on Season 26.

The aforementioned guru, who always knows everything about this program, says that Shanae Ankney – a 29-year-old recruiter from Sycamore, Ohio – will crash a party on week four after NOT being on the winning team during a group date.

And that’s not all.


She’ll even break the winning squad’s trophy.

Moreover, Shanae will get into a fight with Elizabeth Corrigan, a 32-year-old real estate advisor from Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Despite this behavior, Shanae willl receive earn a rose to wrap up week four. ‘Cause that’s how the show rewards such antics!

Shanae A.
Photo via ABC

Naturally, she’ll be the target of all the other women’s wrath a week afterward, which again is just how the producers dial it up.

We all need a good story arc, right? Well, a bad one in Shanae’s case, but a good on in terms of appointment TV viewing.

As for Teddi Wright?

Teddi Wright on The Bachelor

This 24-year-old surgical unit nurse from Highland, California received Clayton’s First Impression Rose on Monday evening.

Despite this accomplishment, it will be awhile before she figures prominently into the show again.

Teddi doesn’t get to have her first one-on-one date with Clayton until week six!

Photo via Instagram

And it sounds like Teddi may have already peaked, as she isn’t even one of Clayton’s 2022 finalists.

She gets sent home a week before the Hometown Dates, coming in fifth place overall.