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Janelle Brown very loudly talked the talk on this past Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives.

Now, fans of this long-running reality show can’t help but wonder:

Will she walk the walk?

And walk away from self-centered husband Kody in the process?

Janelle Brown in 2022

In perhaps the most shocking moment in the history of Sister Wives, Janelle got into a heated discussion with Kody on the latest installment of this TLC program.

She was sick of Kody not taking her feelings into consideration.

She was sick of Kody’s very long and very strict list of COVID-19 protocols.

And she was especially sick of Kody actually suggesting that the couple’s sons moved out of Janelle’s home if they refused to follow all of these protocols.

Janelle Brown in Anger

In response?

After Kody told Janelle to spend Thanksgiving alone because he didn’t trust that she was taken COVID-19 seriously?

And after he told this spouse to respect the "big picture" and, in essence, stop thinking only about herself and her needs?

Janelle told Kody to f–k off.

Photo via TLC

Most observers applauded Janelle for taking this stand, and now these same observers are analyzing the reality star’s most recent Instagram post.

"With the holidays behind us – many of us are now focusing on the New Year & new goals," wrote Brown on Monday, adding:

"New can also bring change. Change comes first with the decision to try. Trying comes with the decision to continue. Continuing comes with the decision to be committed.

"I wanted & needed something but I didn’t know what. I thought how I felt before was how it was supposed to be."

Photo via TLC

Could this mean what some folks hope it could mean?

About two months after Christine Brown announced she was leaving Kody, might Janelle be hinting that she’ll be doing the same in the near future?

What else could she mean by change, right?

Next to Janelle

As it turns out, she simply means a change to her diet.

The Sister Wives star has been promoting a certain weight loss plan for awhile, and that’s all she appears to be doing here. To our extreme chagrin.

"You see, health isn’t something we tackle for just a month and move on," Janelle continued in her social media message.

"Health is something we constantly nurture. Without our health we have nothing.

"My decision to try, continue and commit is why I have seen the results that I have. I’m not an overnight success but rather a work in progress."

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown

She concluded as follows:

My sugar cravings are gone. Energy is through the roof, skin is more clear, mental clarity, weight loss, less inflammation, better sleep at night and SO much more.

I am a whole new me! I feel amazing and this is just the beginning. You have to decide, just like I did. You’re worth it. You’re deserving. You’re ready for change.

You’re committed. When it’s your time, message me. It’s either ONE DAY OR DAY ONE – we ALL have that decision.

Janelle Brown Poster

Oh well, huh?

Perhaps someday Janelle will come to her sense, but remember: Season 16 of Sister Wives was filmed in November 2020. That is SO long ago!

However Janelle may have felt about Kody back then… she very well may feel differently now.

At least we’ll always have that one f–k off, though, you know?