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Kim Kardashian might allow Pete Davidson to snap bikini photos of her while they’re on vacation together.

But when it comes time to post photos on social media, Kim still wants to have the final word on what images get seen by the public.

And it looks as though Kris Jenner might have committed a major Kard clan faux pas this week by sharing an unfiltered image without Kim’s intention.

The trouble began when Kris decided to post a collage in celebration of Kim’s daughter Chicago.

Photo via Instagram

“Happy birthday to my beautiful granddaughter Chicago!!!!" Kris captioned the post.

"You have the sweetest spirit and always have the cutest little smile on your face with the softest little voice and your precious laughter lights up wherever you are!" the gushing grandma added.

“You are such an amazing sister, daughter, granddaughter, cousin and niece and I can’t believe you are now four years old! You bring us so much joy and happiness every single day," Kris continued.

Kim Kardashian Unfiltered

"I love you so much Chi Chi!!!!! Have the most magical day!!”

Obviously, Kim tried to keep the focus on little Chi, but the fans were fixated on the rare, unfiltered pic of Kim that made its way into Kris’ post.

Yes, it’s not every day that we see Kim in her natural state — and it’s not probably not something we’ll be seeing again anytime soon.

Kim Kardashian Is Modeling

“[I’m] surprised [Kris] got away with posting this (seemingly) unfiltered [picture. They] both still look great [though],” one fan wrote on Reddit, according to In Touch.

Moments later, the redditor updated the situation:

"Omg she took this down! It’s not posted anymore,” this person commented.

Photo via Instagram

“She reposted the birthday post without that pic lol,” another fan acknowledged.

“Sheesh you can really tell [the] difference. They still look great though," a third observed.

“They do look the way they actually look [in real life]," a fourth chimed in.

Kim at the People's Choice Awards

Yes, fans were really in disbelief over this development.

And needless to say, the conversation over Kim’s appearance — while mostly respectful — largely overshadowed Chi’s birthday.

“Did she post and delete???” an Instagram user wondered.

Kim Kardashian Sizzles

"Now ma’am, you aren’t that slick. [Deleting] pictures on us lol. [We] still saw it [though]," another pointed out to Kris.

This is not the first time that the Kardashians have encountered this particular type of trouble.

Over the summer, grandmother MJ posted a bikini pic of Khloe without permission, and the public’s reaction was similar.

Khloe Works Out
Photo via Instagram

Of course, in that case, Khloe made the situation far worse by publicly flipping out, even though the photo was not at all unflattering.

Kim is a bit more media savvy than her sisters, so we probably won’t be seeing a meltdown from her.

Instead, she probably handled the situation in a ruthlessly efficient manner:

Kim Kardashian In Rome

We imagine that when Kim realized what her mother had done, she calmly called Kris, chewed her out, and demanded that she take the photo down before any further damage was done.

Kim is not only a mother of four, she’s a billionaire MILF who runs like 17 businesses and knows how to get things done.

While we’re sure she didn’t appreciate the distraction from Chicago’s big day, we’re equally certain that the party went off without a hitch, and the cake was on the table on time.

Mom/CEOs don’t mess around.