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Catelynn Lowell has a harsh truth to break to some of her fans and followers.

She really hopes you’re sitting down for this.

Are you? Are you therefore ready? Are you all set to be blown away by what the Teen Mom OG star has to say?

Okay, good. Here she goes…

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Catelynn makes love to her husband.

We’ve known this to be a fact for years because Catelynn and Tyler have three children.

However, a handful of critics reacted this week with apparent shock and disgust to the phrasing of Catelynn’s birthday tribute to her long-time spouse, Tyler.

"Screaming HAPPY DIRTY 30 to my lover and best friend @tylerbaltierramtv we are so blessed to have you in our lives. 30 looks DAMN good on you," wrote Catelynn in honor of the aforementioned special occasion last week.

Tyler and Catelynn on Air

That was it.

That run-on sentence was the extent of the message.

And yet that was all it took for a certain segment of the online population to drag Catelynn for daring to cite Tyler as her "lover."

How disgusting, right?!?

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“She always finds a way to point out that they have sex," scoffed one critic. "It’s so weird.”

Another referred to this description of Tyler as "so much cringe."

“I haaaaaate hate the word lover," announced another detractor.

For her part, Catelynn has clearly read a few of these remarks — and now she’d like to issue an official response.

Tyler and Catelynn on Air

“I love that some of you are sooo bothered that I call MY husband my lover," the mother of three girls wrote on her Instagram Story yesterday, continuing as follows:

“Seriously so funny.

"He is my love/lover and ALWAYS will be.”

Catelynn’s post concluded with a sticker that read “LOL," along with a gif of a little girl laughing.

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It’s safe to say Catelynn won’t stop thirsting after her husband any time soon.

She’s not the only one doing so, either.

Back in August, a number of fans took a look at the bulge in Tyler’s shorts, reacting with eyeball emojis and congratualting Catelynn on landing such a well-hung stud.

"All these thirsty girls on here! STAY wishing because this is what I sleep next to every night and forever!!!" she wrote as a reply to these funny comments.

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Tyler, meanwhile, is equally imprressed by his wife.

Just two months after Catelynn gave birth to the couple’s latest child, Tyler captioned a photo of her alongside Amber Portwood, Cheyenne Floyd and Maci Bookout McKinney as follows:

“Wifey out here killin’ it!”

“How’d I get so lucky!? 15 years together and you still make me weak!”

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Pretty cool, isn’t it?

These two have been together since high school and still yearn to take visits to Pound Town on a regular basis.

Perhaps we should celebrate that fact, not make fun of it.

Just a suggestion.