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Here’s the thing about Tyler Baltierra:

He appears to be very sensitive and understanding.

Remember back when his wife, Teen Mom OG star Catelynn, checked into rehab for having suicidal thoughts amid a bout of postpartum depression?

Remember how well Tyler responded to that crisis? And how he’s remained by Catelynn’s side through major ups and colossal downs?

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It’s clear what Catylenn sees in Tyler, someone who is very empathetic and, quite simply, kind.

Also, though?

The guy appears to have a huge penis!

We don’t mean to be so blunt. Okay, perhaps we do. But Baltierra has been putting in work at the gym of late and keeping fans apprised of his progress — and the exercise has clearly been paying off.

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As you can see above, the guy is ripped.

On June 10, Tyler said he had gained 34 pounds of muscle over the past year or so. Which is crazy!

But while we’re very impressed by the reality star’s biceps and deltoids and well-sculpted pectorals, a whole bunch of observers have taken one glance at these pictures and expressed excitement over a different body part.

Just look at the bulge in those shorts!

Awww, Little Vaeda!

The guy is pretty clearly packing, a fact many social media users just had to remark upon.

"Well damn. Your wife is a lucky woman! Enjoy him for all of us girl," reads one comment, while another concurs:

"Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn it boy that’s all the words that come to mind other than your wife is one lucky woman."

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Catelynn appears fully aware of her good fortune, too.

She apparently read through many of these complimentary comments and chimed in on her husband’s physique as follows:

"All these thirsty girls on here! STAY wishing because this is what I sleep next to every night and forever!!!"

We doubt she actually gets much sleep when alongside such a well-hung man… if you know what we mean!

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Catelynn and Tyler are the parents to daughters Novalee, 6, and Vaeda, 1.

They gave up their first child for adoption as teenagers and now expect baby number-four.

There’s been some ridiculous chatter of late over the couple getting a divorce in the near future, as if Catelynn could ever walk away from such a specimen.

We’re pretty sure she loves Tyler for his big heart, too.

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As a lengthy and profound caption to his latest shirtless snapshot, Tyler pledged never "to stop fighting," especially when "his body is bleeding."

"So go ahead & sick the devil on me. He’s nothing compared to my energy," he added, clearly on a roll.

"If he’s a legendary beast, then I’m a medieval king…

"I’ve mastered that cosmic balance, which always protects me from damage."

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We’re not entirely sure what any of that means.

But when you look like Tyler Baltierra these days?

When you’re strapped like Tyler Baltierra?

You can say pretty much anything you want.