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No one wants to think that they have anything in common with Angelina Pivarnick, but in some ways she’s the most relatable member of the Jersey Shore cast.

Take for example, an episode like the one that aired last night, in which we see several of the stars at home.

Because she missed so many seasons during the original series’ heyday (and the accompanying paychecks), Angelina is the only one who isn’t living in a mansion.

And while the rest of the cast is dealing with adulting issues involving child-rearing or bicoastal living, Pivarnick is the only who’s still desperately flailing like a true millennial.

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On last night’s episode — as on so many previous installments — Angelina was wavering on the subject of whether or not she should divorce Chris Larangeira.

Considering they separated before the paint was dry on the massive portrait of their reception that hangs in Angelina’s living room, we think the choice is obvious.

But hey, it’s her life, and for whatever reason, it seems that Angelina is still hesitant to file the papers.

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(Although she probably would have felt differently if she had succeeded in seducing Vinny with her arrangement of Baby Bells and a brick of cheddar on a cutting board.)

"Just doing therapy right now. I don’t really know if it’s helping. We’ll see how it goes, I just take it day by day," Pivarnick said when discussing her troubled marriage.

"I don’t know what he wants. He says he wants to be with me but then he says a lot of hurtful things, like, ‘F—ing divorce me already. No guy is going to f—ing deal with what I deal with,’" she added.

Chris & Angelina on the Red Carpet
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"He acts like I don’t do anything in our home. It’s been hard. It’s a lot."

She later doubled down on this point, noting that "things are really f—ed up between Chris and I right now."

"This is a big decision to make, if I’m going to stay or leave my marriage," she said.

Angelina Pivarnick, Husband

When the ladies of Shore got together for a boozy brunch, JWoww noted that Angeliners is still wearing her wedding ring.

"I always wear it. We’re just floating in the water, just like … We’re kind of just like friends more," she replied.

"We don’t have any sex and it’s been over a year."

Chris Larangeira

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Angelina isn’t having sex with anyone.

The episode concluded with Pauly D and Nikki Hall touching down in time for a family dinner at which the DJ took full advantage of the opportunity to bring up the Angelina cheating allegations — even though Chris was also in attendance!

He started by asking how far the restaurant is from Old Bridge, New Jersey, the home of Angie’s alleged side-piece.

Angelina With Chris

"We can check in on the side-piece. Come on!" Pauly encouraged.

The episode ended with an infuriated Angelina threatening to turn the tables.

"What the f—!?" she complained in a confessional segment.

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"Two can play at this game. I’m pissed off right now.  People always spread rumors about me," Pivarnick ranted.

"Maybe I should say I heard a rumor about them! It’s fair game now."

Does she actually have any damaging information about Pauly?

Probably not, but at least there’s a little bit of drama on this show for a change!