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In recent weeks, we have already seen Shannon Beador embroiled in drama with a former friend and castmate.

This season, we will also get to see a lot of Shannon clashing with current castmates.

In particular, Shannon has a real bone to pick with Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson.

She says that it haunts her, and that she feels ganged up on because the two work together.

Shannon Beador is Losing Her Mind, She Says

Shannon Beador spoke to HollywoodLife of this season’s The Real Housewives of Orange County drama.

“I think that with me, there are some issues and it is true,” she said vaguely.

“They’re two," Shannon said of Gina and Emily. "They’re a team."

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"It’s two against one in certain parts of the show," Shannon characterized.

Ah, yes. Always two, there are.

"We have our issues," she admitted. "Early on. Really early on.”

Shannon Beador Feels Betrayed

Shannon also confessed that, to her, it can be so "difficult" to navigate a relationship with someone when there are complications.

"Fighting" is a type of baggage. "Drama" is another type, in Shannon’s view.

"It’s hard for me," Shannon confessed.

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This isn’t the kind of thing that she can just leave at work, due to the nature of reality television.

"It’s not like I say, ‘Oh we’re done filming’ and take it out of your mind,” Shannon reasoned.

She shared: “When I pushed that plate […] in that scene [during Season 12], I cried for two months."

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"‘Oh my God, I can’t believe I acted that way,’" Shannon recalled feeling haunted.

"It really affects me," she stressed.

"But now I’m good with it," Shannon said of that incident. "Time heals everything.”

Shannon Beador Takes a Sip, Babes

One imagines that understanding what a depraved and vile person Kelly Dodd truly is has also helped.

As viewers may recall, it was at Kelly that Shannon shoved the plate, calling her a "f–king bitch" at the time.

Even accurate statements about a person’s behavior and nature can lead to regrets after the anger fades.

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Shannon noted that "time heals everything," leading people to naturally wonder if this also extends to more recent conflicts.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wonder where things stand with current castmates Gina and Emily.

“Yes, I’m in an OK place with everyone on the cast,” Shannon revealed. “Go figure.”

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Speaking of Shannon’s castmates, this season marked the triumphant return of Heather Dubrow.

Miss Fancypants made a notable entrance, with production rolling out the proverbial red carpet for her to showcase her home and family in flatteirng ways.

Between that and Kelly’s twisted obsession with Heather over the past year, viewers were very much rooting for her upon her return.

Shannon shared that she also felt "excited" about Heather’s comeback.

“Yeah, we did have a rocky past in my very first season on the show," she acknowledged.

"But after we reconciled and worked things through," Shannon said in reflection, "we were always in what I consider to be in a good place."

“I was very excited to have her back," Shannon confirmed.

We are all excited to see this season play out in full, but it is already doing better than last season.

The pandemic continues, but production is just in a much better place to handle that side of things than they were more than a year ago.