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Scott Disick is having a hard time dealing with the news of Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement to Travis Barker.

Normally, we’d say "rumor has it" or "sources have indicated" that Scott is having a tough time, but there’s really no speculation or insider info needed in this case.

It’s obvious to anyone who knows anything about the guy that he’s experiencing some intense negative emotions right now.

Because when Scott is really going through it, he always reacts in the exact same way — by turning his party dial up to 11.

Scott Disick Looks Ahead
Photo via Instagram

And of course, Scott never parties alone.

No, the father of Kourtney’s three children always has a companion close by, and we can tell a lot about his mental state by the identity of his party partner.

For years, Scott’s creepy attraction to teenage girls has been making headlines, but when he partners up with one barely-legal aspiring model for a long period of time, it’s a safe bet that he’s at a relatively stable place in his life.

Photo via E!

These days, Scott is playing the field like a man possessed, which many are taking as a sign that he’s even more upset about the Kourtney situation than he initially seemed.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is, the median age of Scott’s partners has gone up considerably, which is a wonderful thing both for him (maybe he’s actually considering the future when he chooses his partners!) and society (one less perv on the prowl!).

Photo via Instagram

In early November, it was reported that Scott was dating Hana Cross, an aspiring model (of course).

Prior to that, insiders claimed that Disick was dating Elizabeth Grace Lindley, an aspiring … oh, like we even need to tell you at this point.

But now, it appears that neither of those relationships was very serious — at least not in Scott’s mind — as Lord Disick appears to have moved on once again!

Photo via Instagram

And his latest partner might be familiar to residents of the Sunshine State!

Scott was in Miami for Art Basel over the weekend, and according to TMZ he spent a lot of time enjoying the company of Florida news reporter Diana Diaz.

The site claims that Scott and Diana were spotted together at a party hosted by Scott’s friend, the wealthy artist (there’s a combination of words you don’t hear every day!) Alec Monopoly.

Scott Disick, Diana Diaz

No one knows the nature of the relationship, but there are pics of Scott and Diana together, and since multiple media outlets are reporting on this alleged pairing, it’s safe to assume that there’s more going on here than a casual acquaintance.

Or maybe not.

After all, this comes just weeks after news that Disick is back with an ex and just months after his breakup with Amelia Hamlin.

Photo via E!

Speaking of Amelia, her father Harry Hamlin appeared on Watch What Happens Live last week, and it seems he couldn’t be happier that Amelia kicked Scott to the curb.

"Amelia’s doing great, she’s living in New York, and she’s having the time of her life solo," the actor remarked.

"I have no idea what exactly happened there, I’m just glad that she is solo, put it that way."

Photo via Instagram

So there’s at least one person who’s happy that Scott is back on the market.

And Harry can probably take some comfort in the fact that Scott’s days of pursuing recent high school grads are over.

For now, at least …