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In recent months, 90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima has undergone some major changes.

One change was moving back to Las Vegas after a year in Colorado Springs.

Another change was yet another dramatic breast enlargement that had her fans and followers in shock.

Now, fans are falling over themselves to compliment photos of Larissa’s pregnant baby bump.

Larissa Lima Shows Off on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

The way that fans are discussing Larissa marks a major deviation from business as usual.

A lot of people like to react with exaggerated "horror" at Larissa’s pics.

The reason is her ever-larger breast implants, which defy the imagination.

Larissa is a big subscriber to the idea of "go biggie or go home."

Actually, that’s not quite right.

With her recent return to Vegas, Larissa both went biggie and went home.

Photo via Instagram

But these events, though interesting, are not the current focus of some fans online.

Even people who are deeply critical of Larissa can’t help but say a few kind words here.

You see someone’s baby bump, and you’re bound to say something nice.

Recently, Redditors shared a series of throwback photos of Larissa from years ago.

One of them showwed Larissa and her kids, with the photos of her children redacted for their privacy.

She also had her baby bump on display.

Photo via YouTube

People were quick to compliment Larissa’s throwback photos, particularly the pic of her pregnant.

Some compared her looks to fellow Brazilian Karine Martins. Others simply praised her photos from a more "natural" time.

Larissa did not post the throwbacks herself, so she has not offered any recent commentary or context, as much as fans might enjoy it.

Larissa Lima I have kids in brazil

Larissa’s children have been a tricky topic over the past few years of her fame.

It was not something that she immediately shared with viewers or even with her erstwhile mother-in-law, Debbie Johnson.

This of course led to backlash from fans of the show, who accused her of "abandoning" her kids, and from Debbie, who wished that she’d known sooner.

Debbie Johnson Roasts Larissa Lima

The reality is that Larissa did not have custody of her children, even before she moved to America to — she thought at the time — spend the rest of her life with Colt.

Both of her children are being raised by their family, because she was unable to care for them.

Larissa keeps in regular contact with her family, but has never wanted to advertise her children on TV.

Larissa Lima Sits in the Cold Sunlight
Photo via Instagram

Is there more to the story of Larissa and her kids? Probably.

But it has always been clear that Larissa loves her children very much.

Part of her dream is to secure her residency and her finances in the United States and secure her children’s future.

Photo via YouTube

Larissa has become the butt of many jokes, some more malicious than others.

Shaming her for her depression, what she does with her own human body, or for her accent is always grim to see.

In contrast, seeing people praise photos of Larissa — even in a context of bashing her more recent looks — is kind of refreshing.

Larissa Lima Smells a Red Rose

Larissa may be one of the 90 Day Fiance franchise’s most misunderstood stars.

For seasons, Colt Johnson was portrayed as a weird but long-suffering partner to her who was simply at a loss at her behavior.

After seeing Colt’s cheating scandals and hurtful behavior through more honest editing in later seasons, one wonders how many viewers might reconsider how they viewed Larissa in hindsight.