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After less than a year of dating, Amelia Hamlin dumped Scott Disick after his bitter antics humiliated himself and her.

When you’re boning a father of three who’s about twice your age, you don’t expect to be the mature one in the relationship.

Now it’s over, but Amelia has her own father — veteran actor Harry Hamlin.

We’ve all heard what Lisa Rinna had to say. What is Harry’s take on it?

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During Harry Hamlin’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live this week, virtual fans posed a question.

"Harry, what do you think happened between Amelia and Scott Disick to cause the breakup?" a question began.

"And," the question continued, "were you secretly happy when they did?"

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Harry graciously complimented the question before his answer began.

“Amelia’s doing great," the proud father affirmed.

Harry noted: "she’s living in New York, and she’s having the time of her life … solo."

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"I didn’t pull the curtain," Harry began.

“I have no idea what exactly happened there," he confessed.

Harry answered: "I’m just glad that she is solo, put it that way.”

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In other words, Harry is glad that Amelia split.

Now, he and Lisa had a very nuanced view of their young adult daughter dating Scott.

As an adult, it was her choice to make. And Harry had been in a relationship with a much older woman when he was a young actor.

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However, Harry is saying more than just that he’s happy that Amelia threw her geriatric ex to the curb.

He emphasized that Amelia is not formally with anyone right now, multiple times describing her as "solo."

In other words? No rebound relationship, in public or in private.

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Why would he be happy about this?

Because it’s healthier.

No one is saying that you can’t start hooking up after a breakup, but serial monogamy can take its toll on a person’s sense of self.

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Amelia doesn’t need the validation of a relationship, in public or in private, to be her own person.

She is a hot model whose parents are both famous in their own rights.

The world is hers to take by storm.

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In particular, this shows that Scott’s bad habits of getting photographed with hot young things after breakups didn’t rub off on her.

Pete Davidson’s busy at the moment, but Amelia could have grabbed any status symbol that she wanted and gotten photographed making out wherever she chose.

But that wouldn’t be a relationship — at least, not a healthy start to a lasting one — and it would show that she’s still fixated on Scott.

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Scott is someone who is all too familiar with fixating on your ex.

After all, his genuinely pathetic digs at Kourtney Kardashian’s romance with Travis Barker were what landed him in hot water in the first place.

Why he couldn’t be mature enough at his big age to just be happy for the mother of his children?

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Amelia, at least, is more mature despite being only twenty years old.

Breakups are hard for anyone, and when you’re younger, many people are still bogged down by hormone-fueled feelings that are much more intense than they will be in a few years.

But then, Scott is living proof that some people never grow out of that, and that middle school relationship drama can be a lifelong pursuit.