Meri Brown: Look! Kody Made Me a S'more! He Does Love Me!

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We're just gonna be brutally honest here, okay?

The footage described below from this Sunday's new episode of Sisters Wives makes us downright depressed.

If you wanted any sort of sign that Kody Brown's spouses were desperate for any sort of attention and/or affection, well, sadly... here you go.

Meri Brown Gets Giddy

In a sneak peek released on Thursday by TLC, we see the sister wives and the father of their kids gathered once again at Coyote Pass.

At one point, Kody walks over to Meri and hands her a delicision dessert, causing the beleaguered cast member to simply gush over her spiritual husband in a pathetic confessional.

“Kody made me a s’more,” Meri tells the camera, acting as if this is just the most selfless gesture in the history of romantic relationships.

But here's the thing:

meri clip

It wasn't even Kody's idea to make the s'more!

"I'm going to tell a secret," Meri continues in her interview.

"I saw Robyn tell him to make it for me, and I'm okay with that because he still made it for me.

"To me, this is just kind of what it's all about. We're meant to have each other's backs."

Meri Brown Talks to Camera

Yes, we're focused a great deal here on Kody Brown making a s'more for Meri.

But it's pretty symbolic, don't you think?

The former does so, so little for the latter that Meri is stunned and outwardly giddy over the tiniest act of semi-kindness.

Heck, she doesn't even care that Kody was told to do so by the person most consider to be his favorite wife.

Meri and Kody Brown Poster

In the upsetting clip, we also see Meri reacting excitedly as Kody walks over with her treat.

“You did that for me?!” she asks, to which he replies, “Yep.”

A producer then broaches the topic with Robyn during her own confession, asking if she "put Kody up to that."

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Kody’s only legal spouse laughs in response.

Kody Brown Whines

On a recent episode, Meri addressed viewers’ concerns about her marriage, sharing why she has no plans to walk away from her spiritual union... despite Kody having said in the past there's no spark and the two don't sleep together.

“So, a few months ago, Kody and I had our 30th anniversary," she said on air.

"I’ve had a lot of people say to me, ‘Why are you still there? He clearly doesn’t love you.

"You’re just brainwashed … You’re just doing this because you think it’s what’s going to get you to heaven. Why do you stay?'”

Meri Brown in Tears

And what is Meri's response?

“Well, because it’s my family.

"Because I have a confirmation from God that this is where I am meant to be.

"This is a very conscious choice that I’m making."

Meri Brown in Nature: A Photo

Elsewhere on Sister Wives this week:

Back on November 2, thankfully, Christine announced she was leaving her marriage.

“It’s hard to see him with everybody," Christine will say this Sunday, adding:

"It’s really hard to see him in functional marriages when we don’t have one. It sucks.”

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