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We’ve known for years that Amber Portwood has violent tendencies.

Her fondness for solving her problems with her fists — and whatever weapons happen to be nearby — is just one of the reasons that viewers have called on Amber to be fired from Teen Mom OG.

They argue that unprovoked violence is always unforgivable, and that Farrah Abraham was fired for less — and they may have a point.

And now, the ever-growing army of Portwood critics has been handed new ammo in the form of some scathing claims made by Amber’s ex Andrew Glennon.

Amber, Andrew

Glennon began by complaining about an article that made fun of his physique.

“I noticed that there’s a lot of negativity about me floating around online, people saying that I’ve gained a lot of weight, that I’m fat and I look like an off-duty Santa Claus," Andrew said, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

"You guys are pretty sick people to body-shame someone who has been through years of abuse and is trying to change their life for the better."

Photo via Instagram

Andrew never mentioned Amber by name, but for obvious reasons, fans assumed that the "years of abuse" remark referred to their relationship.

“The gaslighting is insane,” Glennon conrtinued.

“It’s pretty sick. I’ve been through a lot. I’ve been through some real dark stuff, and you guys don’t know the half of it because you haven’t been shown it and that’s OK.”

Glennon, Andrew
Photo via MTV

From there, Andrew went into specifics regarding an incident that first came to light in 2019.

As you may recall, it was in September of that year that several audio clips leaked in which Amber admitted to hitting Andrew.

In one of the clips, the former couple discussed an episode in which Portwood struck Glennon while he was driving her to see her daughter, Leah.

Amber, James, and Andrew

(Obvsiously, she endangered both of their lives by punching the driver of the vehicle, but Amber doesn’t really think clearly when she’s in the throes of one of her notorious rages.)

"You deserved exactly what you got! In fact, you deserve way more than that, honey!” Amber roared in the clip.

In his Instagram Live, Glennon reminded his followers of the incident and the fact that it offered iron clad proof of Amber’s abusive ways.

Amber, Andrew Glennon
Photo via Instagram

“Gary saw blood, his daughter saw blood and her whole school saw blood. It’s all there, it all happened, it’s all real,” Andrew said.

“What do you think my nose surgery was about?” he then asked.

“Consider that, think about that.”

Andrew Glennon with James
Photo via Instagram

Yes, it seems Andrew is suggesting that Amber caused such severe damage that he needed surgery.

Obviously, that’s a very serious allegation, but we doubt that Amber is concerned.

After all, she’s been easily side-stepping serious, credible allegations her entire career.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon Throwback
Photo via Instagram

At that point, Glennon assured fans that these days, he’s “surrounding myself with loving people.”

And while he seems much more content in his post-Amber life, he was still clearly upset by the article in which he ws body-shamed.

“You guys are sick,” Andrew concluded.

Amber and Andrew on Season 8
Photo via MTV

“Twisted, twisted people to be slamming someone who’s ben through all that and saying that they’re fat and whatnot…it’s so twisted and dark it’s not even in my world anymore.” 

Well, perhaps Andrew’s time with Amber taught him the importance of self-advocacy.

Whatever the case, we wish him all the best going forward, and we hope he’s able to heal from whatever trauma he might have endured.