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We are all horrified and disgusted by Josh Duggar and the disturbing evidence presented at his trial.

Only a few people are so personally connected to him and his family while having the moral clarity to publicly condemn Josh.

Amy King has not minced words about Josh, but there are still many things that she cannot say.

Soon, she hopes, she will be able to say more — when she finally gets out of this pesky NDA.

Amy Duggar from a Car
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Earlier in Josh’s trial, Amy took to Twitter to vaguely post about a very obvious topic.

"Also you don’t smile with your thumbs up leaving in a situation like this," she wrote.

Amy then very reasonably asked: "Where is the respect?"

Amy Duggar Is Mad
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The exact details of Amy’s non-disclosure agreement are unclear, but the effects are obvious.

Note how her tweets are often indirect.

If you had no idea who she was and clicked on any of her posts, you’d be scratching your head and wondering who she is discussing.

A reply tweet suggested that Amy break her NDA, encouraging her that present circumstances might make that easier to do without incurring a penalty.

"Working on it," Amy replied.

She then told the fan: "Thank you for the support."

Amy Duggar Video Still
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Amy has been obviously limited in her public commentary to vagueposting.

"Today is a heavy day" is the sort of line that we all understand when she tweets it on the first day of her disgraced cousin’s trial.

But it is technically not any kind of direct commentary on Josh — since it does not mention him.

Amy Duggar's Weight Loss Selfie

Her other comments have included calls for justice to be done.

Amy has tweeted out prayers for divine "vengeance" to come swiftly.

She has even strongly suggested that children would be safer if Josh were not alive, though she did not mention him by name.

Amy Duggar on Social
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Amy’s NDA was not always public knowledge.

Late in the spring of 2020, Amy accidentally let this piece of information slip during an Instagram Live session with fans.

Since then, the world has realized just how much her hands are tied.

Amy Duggar and Cute Son
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Why would Amy be restricted in what she can and cannot say about her infamous cousins, aunt, and uncle?

It is not secret that Jim Bob has control issues.

He raised his entire family in a cult that tells them how to dress and what to think, for one thing.

Amy Duggar Has Tea to Spill
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Jim Bob relies upon three key things in order to control his adult children.

He uses money, gifting them property and houses in exchange for compliance.

Jim Bob also relies upon their inexperience with the real world, and upon their reliance upon the cult to tell them how to think.

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Amy spent part of her childhood being raised in the Duggar household.

She is also a very devout Christian, and makes no secret of the intensity of her faith on social media.

Amy is not part of the cult to which the Duggars belong, however. The usual methods for Jim Bob to control her do not apply.

Amy Duggar Wears a Bikini

Amy’s cousins can be kept in line through financial pressure, social pressure, and the many ways in which their cult-approved homeschooling failed them.

To control her, apparently, legal paperwork had to get involved.

It’s clear that Jim Bob is holding this over Amy’s head to force her to hold back certain things and save the few remaining tatters of the family’s reputation.

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If we didn’t know Jim Bob any better, we’d question what sort of God-fearing patriarch is so afraid of the truth.

However, we know exactly what sort of man he is: a prominent member of an abusive cult, Jim Bob used his influence to cover up his son’s crimes in the past.

Not even Josh’s extremely well-publicized trial is stopping Jim Bob from aiming for a return to politics. He won’t let Amy out of that NDA of his own volition.