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Teresa Giudice would like everyone to listen up.

She’s like everyone to listen closely.

Oh, and also?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member would like most people out there to shut the you-know-what up!

Luis Ruelas and Fiancee

Just under a month ago, Giudice got engaged to Ruelas after just several months of dating, causing the raisingg of quite a few eyebrows around the nation.

Is this really true love?

Or is Ruelas just angling for fame and fortune?

And what about Teresa? Has she found her soulmate… or is she just trying to stay relevant by giving viewers something to talk about?

Teresa and Louie

Giudice has heard all this chatter, and she has a lot to say about it.

"I say like, ‘Please mind your business,’" Teresa told Entertainment Tonight this week in a video chat, elaborating as follows:

"You should want someone to be happy, because if you want someone else to be happy, then happiness comes to you. I’m about that.

"I’m not about ever hurting someone or tearing them down or anything like that."

Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas Image
Photo via Instagram

Not many folks know a lot about Ruelas, which may explain why they assume he’s only datingg Giudice for the exposure.

Her response to this criticism?

"I know people make all these judgments and say all these things on social media regarding him. Like he wants to be on TV. He so does not want to be on TV. It’s so not his thing. If anything, he’s supporting me, but it’s really not his thing…

"He didn’t even know who I was [when we met]."

Luis Ruelas and Girlfriend
Photo via Instagram

Ruelas works as an entrepreneur.

He met his polarizing fiance during a trip to the Jersey Shore in the summer of 2020.

Just over a year later, he proposed to the veteran Bravo personality, who divorced husband Joe after two decades of marriage and four daughters together.

You can include Joe as one of these skeptics, too, as he previously congratulated his ex-wife on her engagement… but also questioned the short length of time she’s know Ruelas for.


"I wish people would just leave us alone," Giudice told ET.

"Anybody that’s negative, just please leave us alone. Because first of all, they’re never going to destroy our happiness, just leave it at that. It’s never going to happen.

"And I’m a very strong, strong individual. If everyone doesn’t know that, I am.

"And if they knock me down, I’ll get right back up."

Luis Ruelas with Teresa
Photo via Instagram

And if they step to Ruelas in any way at all?

They’ll need to answer to his future spouse.

"He’s new to all this, to public scrutiny, which is sad, and this is not something he signed up for," Teresa concludes.

"He just signed up for, he met me, we fell in love, and that was it. And I feel bad, so I’ll do anything I can to protect him."