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It has been more than a month since Rob Kardashian surprised fans with a return to Instagram.

Kris Jenner’s only son is known for being relatively camera-shy, at least in contrast with his siblings.

However, this week was very special, because it was his daughter Dream’s fifth birthday!

Rob went all out on the celebration, and showed off his impressive body transformation in the process.

Rob Kardashian Wishes Dream a Happy Birthday
Photo via Instagram

Dream Kardashian is five years old.

Rob and his family did the celebration in true Kardashian style — sparing no expense.

Dream is old enough to have concrete interests now, and it seems clear that Barbie is one of them.

The decor, shown here from Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram Stories, includes pink balloon letters and more.

There is even a large box that looks like it holds a giant IUD, but could also be large enough to hold a life-size Barbie.

Any five-year-old would be flipping their s–t, and we’re sure that sweet little Dream had a blast.

Rob and Khloe at Dinner

But the photo of Rob — a very rare thing, these days — gives the world another glimpse at his body transformation.

Rob has gone through multiple changes during his adult life.

Mental health, habits, and genetics all played a factor in seeing him put on weight and shy away from public life.

Rob Kardashian In a Pool
Photo via Instagram

Rob knows that he cannot surface (or resurface) without the public commenting on his body.

He will receive comments on social media and be discussed across it, in both positive and negative terms.

That kind of reality can be hell on a person, but it’s not something that any of us can change. Our culture must evolve.

Photo via Instagram

What we can change as individuals is how we, individually, respond to someone’s body transformation.

Whether Rob gets larger or smaller or stays the same size is not an issue of value; those are just physical changes.

Instead, we can focus upon Rob meeting his goals and wish him the best, and hope that he loves himself and his body at every step of the way.

Rob with His Dream
Photo via Twitter

What is extremely clear is how much he loves Dream.

His romance with Blac Chyna did not work out well. In a very public way, it did not work out well.

But that love affair gave them both Dream, who deserves the world.

Photo via Instagram

Rob loves Dream so much that he is happy to put himself out there, knowing what people can be like, for her birthday.

He doesn’t want to distract from her celebration by ducking away from photos, or have his little girl wonder why he’s not in any of them.

And for what it’s worth, Rob looks great — but he has no obligation to "look good" by anyone’s standards, not even his own.

Rob Kardashian, Sadness Snap
Photo via Snapchat

There’s no magic pill that causes weight loss, and the overwhelming majority of weight loss diets end up failing in the long run.

But the one "secret" to having the best chance at sustainable weight loss is, well, the same as the secret to most things: money.

Rob’s family has that in spades, but even with all of the wealth in the world, healthy and sustainable body transformations take time.