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Over the course of her years in the international spotlight, Meghan Markle has endured near-constant abuse at the hands of both her in-laws and her birth family.

Usually, it seems that the two bullying campaigns are unrelated and that Meghan simply has the bad luck to be a victim of a two-pronged effort to crush her spirit.

After all, it’s not like the famously snobbish Windsors of Buckingham Palace would ever collaborate with the bottom-feeding Markles of LA.

But as we learned this week, the shabby treatment that Meghan received from one group often spurred more abuse from the other.

Meghan Markle Is 39!
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As we previously reported, Meghan successfully sued The Mail on Sunday after the British newspaper published a letter she had written to her father, Thomas Markle.

Thomas sold the letter to the outlet, but a judge ruled that the Mail had violated Meghan’s privacy by printing it.

Now, however, the Mail has appealed the decision, and the case is back in court, much to the Duchess’ chagrin.

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In a bitter twist of irony, a suit that Meghan filed in order to protect her privacy has led to her personal life being exposed like never before.

According to a new report from People magazine, the latest developments have involved text messages between Meghan and her former communications director, Jason Knauf, sent while she was still living in London.

The two discussed Meghan’s decision to write a letter to her father begging him to stop speaking to the media.

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The Mail claims that Meghan wrote the letter knowing that Thomas would sell it, but her texts seem to disprove that claim.

"The catalyst for my doing this is seeing how much pain this is causing H," Meghan wrote in August 2018, referring to Prince Harry.

"Even after a week with his dad [Prince Charles] and endlessly explaining the situation, his family seem to forget the context — and revert to ‘can’t she just go and see him and make this stop?’"

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Yes, it seems that Meghan was experiencing intense pressure from the royals to stop her father from going public with family secrets.

In yet another ironic twist, the victim of Thomas’ meddling was also the one tasked with putting a stop to his actions.

"They fundamentally don’t understand so at least by writing H will be able to say to his family… ‘She wrote him a letter and he is still doing it,’" she wrote to Knauf.

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"By taking this form of action I protect my husband from this constant berating, and while unlikely perhaps it will give my father a moment to pause."

Yes, the Mail hoped to expose Meghan as a conniving manipulator, but instead the latest evidence portrays her as an even more sympathetic victim than we previously thought.

Meghan knew her father couldn’t be reasoned with, but she wrote the letter so that at the very least, her husband could assure his family that she was trying.

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"Obviously everything I have drafted is with the understanding that it could be leaked so I have been meticulous in my word choice," she continued.

"Given I’ve only ever called him daddy it makes sense to open as such (despite him being less than paternal), and in the unfortunate event that it leaked it would pull at the heartstrings."

Meghan’s communications with Knauf previously led to a situation in which she was forced to apologize to the court.

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The Duchess authorized Knauf to speak with Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand while the authors were working on their book Finding Freedom, which was sympathetic to the Sussexes and highly critical of their tormentors.

Meghan apologized for "misleading" the court by initially denying that she had issued any such authorization.

"I had absolutely no wish or intention to mislead the defendant or the court," she said in a witness statement that went public last week.

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That seems to have been an honest mistake on Meghan’s part, and fortunately, it’s unlikely to have any impact on the outcome of this case.

The newly-leaked texts, however, seem to serve as iron-clad proof that Megham’s heartfelt letter was not part of some elaborate scheme to control her public image.

And hopefully, that will be enough to convince the judge that the Mail and Thomas Markle are the guilty parties here.