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Since seeking help and getting sober, Mama June Shannon has been working to mend the tattered bonds with her family.

Her downward spiral was a blow to her relationships, her finances, her health, and even her looks.

In baby steps and great leaps, June has been picking up the pieces and setting things right.

Her latest triumph? A glamorous new look following a makeover.

Mama June Shannon knew exactly how to get the word out this week about her hot new ‘do.

Taking to social media, she gave her fans and followers a glimpse of her new look.

As much as we admire her regal blonde waves, the smile of genuine happiness is what really sells this picture for us.

June Shannon is Happy With Her Makeover

June’s smile was not so bright just a couple of years ago.

In very early 2020, just after she make the courageous choice to get help and get clean, June began to post on social media more actively.

At that time, fans noticed that she was missing a tooth.

June Shannon is at the Beach

It turned out that one of June’s veneers — from her previous makeover years earlier — had come off.

June claimed that it was from "biting into a fat cake," though some fans questioned if this was the truth.

Either way, June was able to get it fixed that spring, restoring her smile.

June Shannon at the Dentist

June has continued to reassemble her image, in more ways than one.

Her main focus, of course, is maintaining her sobriety.

It is reported that June’s focus on staying clean was part of what drove her and Geno Doak to break up.

June Shannon Madeover

June needs to stay clean or it would mean violating her parole.

It could also mean losing her reality TV gig.

Most of all, a relapse on June’s part could mean alienating her family by again betraying their trust.

June Shannon on Her Story

June previously had a large, nice house in the suburbs.

She lost that house, selling it for well under its value after it was visibly damaged during her downward spiral with Geno.

Having spent a veritable fortune on drugs, June now needs to rebuild her fortune.

Fortunately for her, she is a reality star, which means that she can bond with her family and make money at the same time.

Part of that means filming Mama June: Road to Redemption.

Part of that means other stints on other reality shows, including The Masked Singer.

June and her teenage daughter Alana Thompson shared a "beach ball" costume on that singing competition.

Even if many people feel that the show is too absurd to exist and inherently problematic, it did give June and Alana a chance to bond.

In fact, it was the first time that the two of them ever worked together on a project in California while June was sober.

June had been, for various reasons, living in Florida.

These days, she is living much closer to her family in Georgia.

We are sure that there are both practical and personal motivations behind the move, but it looks like a step in the right direction.