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Have you heard the good news? Josh Duggar is going to prison for a very long time!

Okay, so we don’t know that officially yet, but each new day brings another pre-trial legal setback for Josh, and at this point, he would need a miracle to beat the charges.

We don’t know for sure, but we’re guessing that even in the Duggars’ egocentric form of Christianity, God generally doesn’t waste miracles on known child molesters!

Anyway, we’re still weeks away from the start of Josh’s child pornography trial, but already, it seems almost impossible that the disgraced former reality star will beat the charges.

Josh Duggar Cries
Photo via TLC

In the past week alone, the prosecution has introduced several new pieces of evidence, each of which seems sure to deal a crushing blow to the flimsy defense constructed by Josh’s lawyers.

First, we learned that the DA’s office would like to maintain possession of Josh’s desktop computer, as well as his laptop.

The request indicates that they’ve found evidence on both devices, which is bad news for the defense who has built much of their case around convincing the jury that the laptop in question never belonged to Josh.

Josh Kisses Anna
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In the past 24 hours, we learned that Josh’s porn addiction confession might be used as evidence to establish a pattern of behavior.

Also, prosecutors have requested permission to use Josh’s past sex crimes against him in court.

As you may recall, the 33-year-old’s first public sex scandal occurred when the world learned that Josh had molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters.

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar, and Kids in 2017

On Wednesday, the DA filed a motion arguing that Josh’s previous sex crimes are relevant to his current case.

“Evidence of the defendant’s sexual interest in minor girls, as shown through his prior molestation conduct, is especially probative in that it strongly demonstrates that it was the defendant who sought out and possessed the child pornography material at issue in this case and that he did so intentionally,” the legal papers read, according to The Sun.

Now, the defense has responded with their own filing, in which they argue that Josh’s previous crimes should not be mentioned in court due to the length of time that has passed since they were committed.

Josh Duggar Is Back
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“There is no question the allegations at issue arise at a time when Duggar was a minor and the allegations at issue in this case arise at a time when Duggar was in his thirties,” the filing reads.

The defense also argued that statements made by Department of Homeland Security Special Agent Gerald Faulkner should be ruled inadmissible.

“And I can say is in the 11 years of doing this and the thousands and thousands of child pornography images and videos I’ve unfortunately [had] to see, the [file allegedly found on Josh’s devices] ranks in the top five of the worst-worst that I’ve ever had to examine,” Faulkner stated during a May 2021 detention hearing.

Gender Question
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Josh’s lawyers argued that the comment is a mere statement of opinion which could serve to unfairly sway the jury.

They called Faulkner’s remarks “completely irrelevant, unfairly prejudicial, and constitutes improper opinion testimony.”

In their latest filing, the defense argues that the comment “should not be admitted” as it will “mislead the jury” and “needlessly waste time.” 

Josh Duggar at the Zoo

Yes, we’re sure the possibility of wasting the jury’s time is the defense’s biggest fear.

The prosecution will likely argue that Faulkner’s remarks constitute expert testimony which serves to highlight the severity of Josh’s crimes.

And based on how well their previous filings have been received, it seems likely that the DA will get their way once again.