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Truly, we hate to take aim at the Kardashian clan on this, the day of Kris Jenner’s birthday.

But there has been a startling revelation in the world of Britney Spears’ battle for freedom.

Lou Taylor was one of the conservatorship architects and is almost universally reviled by #FreeBritney fans.

So why are the Kardashians, who have voiced support for Britney, doing business with Lou?

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Lou Taylor, as in Tri Star Entertainment Lou Taylor, has been entrenched in the Spears family for nearly two decades.

She first wormed her way into the family through Britney’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn.

Notably, this relationship is a huge part of the reason that so many of Britney’s fans despise her sister.

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From there, Lou was able to get closer to Jamie, Britney’s awful father.

As a media circus hounded Britney and her team apparently prioritized publicity over her well being, Lou was there.

She declared herself the Spears family spokesperson when Britney was on a psychiatric hold.

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Lou went on to furtther endear herself to Jamie and to be actively involved in — and, according to Britney, one of the architects of — her conservatorship.

Britney was no longer able to make her own business decisions.

For that matter, she couldn’t decide whether to have kids, whom to marry, where to vacation, or how much soda to drink.

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This mean that Britney had no choice but to enrich Lou when she toured or had a Vegas residency.

One of the few things that Britney was eventually able to do was refuse performing any further.

Of course, as we previously reported, Lou attempted to demand that she be paid even when there was no annual profit from which she could take a "cut."

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Jamie was apparently fine with Lou’s demands, but Britney was not.

It was one of many aspects of her conservatorship that she fought against.

Only recently did Britney actually publicly call out Lou, but it had already been clear to most that Britney wanted nothing to do with Lou.

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Most of the public focus (especially where #FreeBritney newcomers were concerned) was on Jamie Spears, and with good reason.

But Lou’s role in Britney’s life and finances had gone on for too long against the singer’s will.

Many hope that Lou, alongside Jamie and others, will face real legal consequences for Britney’s suffering.

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This year, as documentaries have been released calling attention to Britney’s plight, many have voiced their #FreeBritney support.

Some of those have been famous people, including some of the Kardashians.

Which is what makes this next bit so, so weird.

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Page Six got their hands on certain business documents from the State of California.

Lou Taylor has multiple business ties, specifically as an "agent for service of process," for the Kardashians.

In fact, her links to the Kardashian clan are almost too many to mention, but we’ll do our best anyway.

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Kim Kardashian’s KKW Fragrance LLC and KimsAPrincess Inc have ties to Lou.

So does King Kylie LLC, which for the record is what turned her into a cosmetic mogul.

Kendall has links to Lou. So does the birthday momager, Kris Jenner, through her nonprofit, the Kardashian Jenner Family Foundation.

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Some of the most recent links between Lou and the Kardashians are from 2020 and even 2021.

The most recent filings do not actually list Lou’s name, which is an interesting change.

But since Tri Star’s address is still listed for mailing purposes, it’s not clear if this represents a real change.

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This year, Kim Kardashian expressed an outpouring of empathy for Britney’s conservatorship plight.

Khloe tweeted out a message for Britney to "stay strong," accurately calling her a "Queen."

Many of the Kardashians have not publicly commented … with some wondering if business ties to Lou are to blame.

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Various reports say that the Kardashians, as a group, tend to trust "due process."

(In other words, they are rich people with happy lives and tremendous power so they don’t really question the state of things)

Some have speculated that the Kardashians assumed that Britney’s conservatorship must be based on something real, or it wouldn’t have happened.

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But part of growing up is realizing that just because something hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean that people deserve it when it happens to them.

We all have different experiences in life, starting at birth, that shape and limit us in ways that are often invisible.

The Kardashian and Jenner girls had parents like Kris, Robert, and Caitlyn — not like Jamie and Lynne.

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The Kardashians are being hammered on social media.

Some think that most of the family’s silence is due to ties with Lou. Some think that Kim and Khloe are hypocrites.

Others wonder if Kim and Khloe only voiced their support for positive attention on a popular topic, and are hiding their true feelings.

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Some of this speculation may be unfair, but it is baffling to think of someone with Kardashian resources working with Lou in 2020 and 2021.

Lou’s involvement, infesting the Spears family, is not new and it’s not new information.

The only thing that is new these days is public awareness — and Britney deciding to call out by name those who have wronged her.