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Attention is a finite resource and Bethenny Frankel is clearly desperate for it.

The former Real Housewife of New York City is once again taking shots at Erika Jayne.

This time, she is calling out the entire Beverly Hills cast.

Why? Because she says that they’re fake, calculated, and terrified to speak their minds.

Bethenny Frankel Keeps It Real
Photo via Brravo

Bethenny Frankel isn’t just a (former) fellow Real Housewife.

She was also on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, years ago, during a cameo in Season 6.

At that time, she got to know some of the stars up close, both on and off camera, seeing how they operate.

Photo via Bravo

That experience was clearly on her mind on a recent episode of her Just B With Bethenny Frankel podcast.

Erika Jayne was, at that time, a total newcomer.

And Bethenny observed her more seasoned castmates attempt to maneuver her into sticky situations so that they could keep their hands clean.

Bethenny Frankel to The Camera
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“They tiptoe the most," Bethenny accused.

"The Beverly Hills Housewives are terrified to say what they really feel," she characterized.

"They have to say what is politically correct," Bethenny oddly claimed, "and what will not be taken wrong."

Bethenny Frankel: Nobody Gives a F--k!

"They are the most calculated in that regard," Bethenny assessed.

“I was in that episode when Erika came over to my house," she recalled.

Bethenny claimed that "they were all sending me things ahead of time that she was in."

Bethenny Frankel on Her Gram
Photo via Instagram

Bethenny alleged that the cast were "sending me sexy videos that she was in."

"They were telling me about her," Bethenny described, "rolling their eyes."

“That wasn’t the caliber of person they wanted for Beverly Hills," she explained.

Photo via BRAVO

"They also thought she was boring," Bethenny revealed.

“They brought her over to my house," she described.

"And," Bethenny noted, "they hadn’t said a single thing to her face."

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"They wanted me to be the person that said what they were thinking," Bethenny suspected.

"I got it," she admitted.

"And," Bethenny added, "I understand why the producers wanted that as well."

Bethenny Frankel: Look in the Mirror

It makes sense that any cast in this franchise might feel like a den of vipers, especially to a newcomer or an outsider.

To the ladies of Beverly Hills, Bethenny was an outsider.

And Erika was very much a newcomer at the time, but they knew that they might end up working with her for a long time.

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Bethenny’s insight is fairly believable … for the most part.

Her explanation of how the group dynamics operate with newcomers and guests sounds spot on.

And, in general, Bethenny sounds like she is spot on.

The Erika Jayne

We do have to ask what Bethenny means by "PC" here.

The concept of politically correct is, at best, meaningless.

At worst, it is a dog whistle from someone who wants to say cruel and bigoted things without reproach.

Erika Jayne Argues

Bethenny has already dipped her toes into that pond of bigotry.

In September, Bethenny went on an unhinged rant about trans children, discussing a young girl’s genitals.

She called for separate summer camps for cis children and trans children … all wholly unacceptable.

Photo via Instagram

Bethenny was likely just running her mouth because she knew that she would receive attention.

Good, decent people would be angry. Vicious transphobes would flock to her. Either way, free headlines.

That’s the same reason that Bethenny is speaking about Erika and other Housewives. She just wants listeners.