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Folks, it looks as though Scott Disick is getting over a difficult breakup.

No, we’re not referring to last month’s incident in which he got dumped by Amelia Hamlin after embarrassing himself on Instagram.

Rather, it seems the breakup that’s messing with Scott’s emotions is the one that happened six years ago, when he and Kourtney Kardashian parted ways.

As you may have heard, Scott is extremely jealous of Kourtney’s relationship with Travis Barker, and he’s doing a very poor job of hiding it.

Kourt, Scott

Some have even gone so far as to say that Scott hates Travis for effectively eliminating the possibility that he might one day reconcile with Kourtney.

While his feelings toward his perceived rival might not be that strong, it’s obvious that the Travis-Koutney relationship has stirred some unexpected emotions in Scott.

And whatever envy or bitterness he might be feeling appears to have been channeled into his new relationship.

According to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, Disick might be in a relationship with his assistant, whom the outlet describes as a "Kourtney Kardashian lookalike."

Now, there’s a very good chance this story is accurate, but there’s also a good deal of exaggeration going on here.

Even if these two are sleeping together, it’s probably not a full-blown relationship, and judging by The Sun’s photos, the unnamed assistant is not exactly a dead-ringer for Kourtney.

But in any event, it’s worth noting that Scott appears to have re-entered the dating pool.

No great surprise there, as the guy has never remained single for very long.

But we thought he might have laid low for a bit following his recent humiliations.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian on KUWTK

As you may recall, Scott messaged Younes Bendjima on Instagram, in the hope that Kourtney’s ex would join him in slut-shaming her.

Instead, Younes called Scott out by posting screenshots of their correspondence.

It was initially reported that this was the reason that Amelia dumped Scott, but according to The Sun, that wasn’t the case.

Amelia Hamlin With Scott

A source tells the tabloid that the split "wasn’t related to the messages Scott sent about Kourtney," noting that "this breakup was coming regardless."

"They’re both taking it in stride," the insider says — although they admit Scott is taking it a bit harder.

"Scott is mortified that Younes shared his private DM message," says the source.

"He had a low moment and was looking to someone who could relate to his feelings, and immediately regretted sending that message."

Another insider tells the outlet that Scott is decidedly not happy about Kourtney and Travis, but he has no interest in breaking the couple up.

"Scott Disick is still very bitter about Kourtney and Travis’ relationship," says the source.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker on Red Carpet

"He wants her to be happy, but behind closed doors, he will always have regrets about their relationship and why it didn’t work out," the insider adds.

"He is bitter because he’s never seen Kourtney this serious about someone."

A third source says that Scott and Kourtney are actually doing better than one would think, given the circumstances:

"Scott and Kourtney are doing okay too," this insider says.

"He is still not completely over how serious Kourtney is with Travis. He is trying to let it go though. They want to make the upcoming holidays special for the kids so this is the focus."

Well, it’s nice that they’re trying to deliver a normal holiday for the kids — but that might require them to leave Travis out of the festivities.