Erika Jayne Compares Legal Situation to Jesus, Gets Slammed by EVERYONE

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Even after filming Erika Jayne getting skewered by Andy Cohen on the Reunion, producers want more of Erika.

From a reality television perspective, that makes a lot of sense -- film the drama.

But a lot of fans are enraged, not only by Erika's scandal, but by her public reaction to the scandal.

Erika is acting like she's being persecuted ... even comparing herself to Jesus.

Erika Jayne leans in (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

Jesus, Erika.

As always, we want to convey the full context of this.

It all starts with one of the attorneys who is looking into Erika, into Tom Girardi, and a lot of missing money.

Erika Jayne Remarks on the Downfall of Her Ex

Ronald Richards is an attorney who is overseeing the liquidation of Tom's firm.

He has made the rounds, doing interviews and podcasts and releasting statements.

More than once, Richards has shared suspicions about how Erika might allegedly have been involved, directly or indirectly, in Tom's case.

Erika Jayne vs Sutton Stracke (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

So a superfan of Erika's took to Instagram to call out Ronald Richards ... and to call for him to be disbarred.

The fan accused that Richards has “undermined the judicial system."

Allegedly this was done "by making accusations & insinuations in hopes it will inspire public opinion to override the courts.”

Erika Jayne at the Reunion

“This behavior is dangerous & reckless for our society!” the superfan exclaimed.

The post added that “Everyone should take notice.”

“This is exactly how CHRIST died,” the superfan's Instagram Story post concluded.

jayne, jesus

What does this have to do with Erika beyond being literally about her?

Well ... because she chose to share that post to her own Instagram Stories.

Sharing a post is almost always an endorsement, unless it's a mistake.

Erika Jayne Explains How Things Are

In this case, it looks like Erika did both -- because endorsing this post by sharing it was a mistake.

There are plenty of pro-Erika stances floating around social media that are not this inflammatory.

Calling for the opposing attorney to be disbarred is a lot. The Jesus comparison is ... well, a lot more.

Andy Cohen challenges Erika Jayne (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

“Erika Jayne comparing herself to Christ is … absolutely insane,” tweeted on horror-struck critic.

The fan's tweet continued: “This woman has lost her damn mind.”

The comparison did draw to mind a former Real Housewives OG, however.

Vicki Gunvalson - I'm being nailed to the cross like jesus was

"Erika Jayne is pulling a Vicki Gunvalson comparing her own (self imposed) drama to the crucifixion of Christ….." another marveled.

That social media user added: "Girl PUHLEASEEEEEEE!"

Memorably, Vicki once said that she was being "nailed to the cross like Jesus was." Ma'am, no.

Erika Jayne IG defends jesus comparison

“This is not a post comparing @theprettymess to Christ,” Erika insisted in a follow-up post.

“It’s comparing an unethical lawyer who is trying to undermine this judicial system," she claimed.

Erika said that this was done "by persuading the courts to ACT based on public opinion and not by the law."

E. Jayne

"Just like the pharisees did to Christ," Erika seemingly could not help but add.

According to Christian religious tradition, high-ranking officials at the Jewish Temple were responsible for Jesus' execution.

It is also a core of Christian theology that Jesus' death was his choice, and the means by which all of humanity could be redeemed.

Erika Jayne Sniffles and Sobs

Historically speaking, Jesus was executed by the state, and specifically by means of crucifixion. 

The means of death indicates that Jesus may have been viewed as a threat to continued Roman rule.

While higher-ranking residents of Judea would have been obligated to report any signs of rebellion or insurrection, it's unclear what role they would have played.

Erika Jayne vs Sutton Stracke (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

We mention all of this to say that, simply put, no version of history or theological accounts of Jesus mesh with the comparison.

It's a bad analogy. And you know, people make bad analogies all of the time.

But when you're backed into a corner and have lost almost all shreds of your popularity, it's arguably the worst time make a reach like this.

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