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Dog the Bounty Hunter has taken his wildly irresponsible man hunt to a new, wild and irresponsible level.

Over the last few weeks, the reality star has made a public show of how he’s trying to track down Brian Laundrie, the estranged boyfriend of vlogger Gabby Petito… who was found dead in Wyoming last month not long after she was reported missing.

Laundrie himself has been missing ever since.

But he’s considered the prime suspect in Petito’s murder.

Brian Laundrie on a Beach

Dog is allegedly trying to turn his personal manhunt for Laundrie into an upcoming television show, which is pretty darn disgraceful and exploitive.

But we’ll save that critique for another time.

For now, we’ll just focus on what the polarizing personality told The Sun… about how he and his team apparently conduct major research into their targets and how Dog now has a theory based on that research.

“I’m thinking more and more about him being maybe a serial killer, not just a killer of Gabby. The books he read are unbelievable," Dog has told this outlet.

Photo via FOX

Dog went on to say he believes the Dungeon and Dragons franchise is a bad influence on children, adding to The Sun:

“A couple of the books that he’s been reading are 10 times worse than Dungeon and Dragons. This kid, Brian, has taken those books, obviously to heart.

“And this is what happens when your kid is looking at those kinds of things.

"He just overnight just didn’t become a killer. A killer is made, and he is built to be or she, a killer."

Brian Laundrie on YouTube

We’re not about to sit here and defend Brian Laundrie.

Based on what we’ve read about the guy and even some of what we’ve seen, it appears as if he assaulted Petito on at least one occasion and he very well may have murdered her.

At the same time, we’re in no position to possibly judge someone in the manner Dog has done above — based solely on some books the guy may have read.

Brian Laundrie Photo

The fugitive did write in a pervious Instagram post that he and Gabby read the horror-satire novel Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk, explaining:

"Reading is different than any other consumption of media, it takes more effort than staring at a screen half alive, it allows you to use your brain rather than melt it, and there is no author more stimulation to me than Chuck Palahniuk."

Federal agents continue to scour the country for Laundrie.

The Laundrie family lawyer, Steve Bertolino, said this week Laundrie’s dad Chris had joined cops in their search efforts amid reports that investigators discovered a fresh campsite at the national park.

Brian Laundrie

Alas, it did not turn Laundrie up.

There have been a number of alleged sightings since Laundrie was reported missing, including in parts of Florida, Mexico, Canada, and Montana.

As of this writing, however, his whereabouts remain unknown.

We’ll continue to update this website as more news breaks.