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Lizzo has become a major name in the music world largely based on the success of her track "Truth Hurts."

It’s a pretty great jam.

But the artist herself is now in a bit of emotional pain after she gushed over an alleged, multiple-time woman beater and folks on social media were forced to try and reveal the truth about this violent loser.

We’re talking about Chris Brown.

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Lizzo, you see, is facing a grreat deal backlash after a video of the two musicians meeting backstage at a concert went viral on October 2.

In the footage, which was posted to Twitter, Lizzo is seen asking her fellow R&B artist to pose for a picture with her after approaching him and stating plainly:

"Because you’re my favorite person in the whole f–king world."

The brief and controversial exchange reportedly went down backstage during one of the Los Angeles shows of the Millennium Tour over the weekend.

Considering Brown pleaded guilty years ago to felony assault against his then-girlfriend Rihanna and considering he’s been accused numerous times since of beating up women… many critics have responded to Lizzo’s words and actions with disgust.

"Lizzo calling Chris brown her favorite person in the whole f–king world," one fan wrote. "I’M PISSED OFF MAN."

Another added:

"lizzo, my baby, look at me. LOOK AT ME. this isn’t you. i know the real you. listen, it’s just me and you, okay? this isn’t you. i know you better than that. please."

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A third then chimed in as follows: "Yuck lizzo said Chris brown is their favorite person in the world??"

As a sad refresher:

In 2016, Brown was accused of pointing a gun at a woman named Baylee Curran after she reportedly admired a piece of jewelry at his house.

At the time, the singer’s attorney claimed that Curran “fabricated” the story and Brown later said his character was being “defaced” by the allegation.

The case was eventually dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Chris Brown is a Dancer
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Lizzo, tragically, isn’t the only superstar who has openly praised Brown — despite his VERY, VERY questionable behavior over the years.

Justin Bieber, for example, has remained close friends with Brown, seemingly shrugging off his assault of Rihanna on multiple occasions.

As recently as June 14, it’s worth noting, Brown was accused of striking a woman following an alleged interaction at his Tarzana, California.

According to the police report, the suspect was “not at the location” when officers arrived on scene; and Brown and his reps have not publicly addressed the allegations.

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown: BFFs!
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Lizzo, for her part, has not yet responded to all this criticism.

She did post photos from the Millennium Tour on her Instagram, however, although she did not share the photos of her and Brown on her feed.