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Jill Duggar has returned to social media after the most personal and devastating of tragedies.

As previously reported, the former Counting On cast member told fans last week that she recently miscarried her third child.

On October 11, Jill and husband Derick Dillard went public with this sad piece of inforrmation, mourning the baby they lost — and who they had named River Bliss.

Beautiful, right?

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"I just wanted to hop on here really quickly, and it’s been a little bit since I’ve shown my face on here," Jill explained in a new Instagram Story video, which featured Duggar in the car with her son, Samuel.

"As you all know, it’s been kind of a crazy season for us — the recent loss of our baby River.

"We’ve just been taking more family time, kind of regrouping and getting back into some normal rhythms."

Followers did not even know Jill was expecting until she announced her miscarriage.

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Continued Jill in this video:

"I just wanted to hop on here and just say thank you to family and friends who have reached out, supported us, bringing us meals, cleaning our house — like, all the things.

"So I just want to say thank you, and me and Sam are getting our Walmart pickup order.

"Long-overdue pickup order here.

"Anyways, just wanted to say hey."

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A short time later, the mother of two posted a collage of photos and words representing ways in which loved ones have helped them.

Some of these words included "flowers," "prayers," "childcare" and "coffee."

These things may seem small and/or insignificant, but they represent all loved ones can really do in the face of this kind of loss.

And it really often is the thoughts that count.

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Wrote Jill and Derick on their website a week ago:

"Even though it was too early to tell the baby’s gender, we picked a name that we feel encompasses our baby’s significance and the life we will always remember: River Bliss Dillard.

"One meaning for River is ‘tranquil’…and here in Arkansas, rivers are often a serene, beautiful escape in nature."

In the days since, they have received a great deal of support and sympathy from friends and family members.

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“River Bliss was so loved! I love you, Jill. My heart breaks for y’all. I’m so so sorry you are having to go through this. Praying for you all,” Joy-Anna wrote via Instagram last week, adding:

"Jill, my heart aches for you all. Love you so much and praying for you, sis!!”

Jessa Duggar, meanwhile, wrote that her heart “breaks” for her sister.

And Cousin Amy Duggar chimed in as follows: “Love you so much and your sweet family. River would have been beautiful. Wrapping you in prayers.”

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Three days after confirming her miscarriage, Jill took to Instagram to post a photo of her wrist with the words “Jesus Only Jesus” written on her skin.

We will continue to keep her and Derick in our thoughts. 

Rest in peace, River Bliss.