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These are tumultuous times for the Duggar family.

Obviously, Josh’s upcoming child pornography trial is making most of the headlines, but it’s certainly not the only drama embroiling the Counting On clan.

As you probably know, Jill Duggar cut ties with her parents long before news of the latest Josh scandal went public.

And we’re sure she has zero regrets about parting ways with her increasingly problematic family.

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Now that she’s free from all the restrictions placed upon her by her domineering family, the mother of two is truly living her best life.

These days, Jill drinks alcohol, wears "immodest" clothing, and hangs out with people like her cousin Amy, who has been persona non grata in the Duggar household for many years.

She seems to be taking great pleasure in violating her family’s ultra-strict code of conduct, and now, some fans believe she’s documented yet another act of rebellion with the goal of sending Jim Bob into conniptions.

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Jill posted the photo above earlier this week.

As you can see, she has the words "Jesus, Only Jesus" scrawled on her wrist.

Jill didn’t provide any context in the caption to the photo — rather, she copy and pasted the lyrics to the song "Jesus, Only Jesus," which is apparently a favorite of hers.

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So that left fans to jump to their own conclusions, and not surprisingly, many of them favored the most dramatic interpretation of the situation.

Namely, they assumed that Jill had gotten a real tattoo.

And they attributed the color to the prison-style "stick-and-poke" method.

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The more likely explanation, of course, is that Jill got a temporary henna tattoo.

Perhaps Jill felt that the second photo she posted would serve as an adequate explanation.

She has the words "He is my peace" — apparently a quote from the book of Micah — written on her hand in the exact same color.

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As you can see, the words are a bit uneven, and it looks as though the ink ran dry in a few places.

Even if Jill had decided to go with the ultra-old school stick and poke method, the artist probably would’ve managed a slightly better job than that.

And if the job had been botched that badly, she probably wouldn’t have shared the pic on her Instagram page.

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So yeah, we don’t have any official confirmation from Jill, but we think it’s pretty safe to say that the tattoos on her wrist and on the back of her hand are temporary.

But who knows — maybe she’ll re-emerge in a week looking like evangelical Post Malone, her favorite Bible passages scrawled across her forehead.

With Josh going to trial in a few weeks, this is probably the only time she could do something like that without Jim Bob putting out a hit on her.

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As for how Jill feels about the possibility of Josh going to prison for a very long time … well, this seems like a situation in which her silence speaks volumes.

Jill is one of Josh’s many victims, and we’re sure her parents’ continued enabling of his monstrous ways was a major factor in her decision to cut ties with her family.

Even so, if and when he does get convicted, the news is sure to be bittersweet for Jill, and it may serve as a painful reminder of the many ways in which her family let her down.