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Following Jenelle Evans and her wild and crazy life is always such a trip, right?

There’s just so much drama — both the goofy kind and the genuinely terrifying kind.

Jenelle Is Down With the Sickness

Like, she really just lives down there in her sinking house on the swamp, spending every waking moment with her dog-killer husband and her kids that she never really seems to want to mother.

Sometimes she tries to start problems with her former co-workers, sometimes she makes up stories to pass the time.

A lot of times, she makes short little videos that she puts in the internet in hopes of maintaining the fame she gained from her time on reality television.

Jenelle Talks to Fans

And today, we’re going to talk about a couple of those videos, as they are yet another example of that crazy, crazy life of hers.

OK, so Jenelle shared this video on TikTok of herself lip syncing to a song about her friends — the joke was that she was singing about introducing her friends, but her daughter, Ensley, was the only person who showed up.

She was wearing a bikini in the video, and so of course people felt the need to be the worst.

Someone took the time to comment "I hope Jenny Craig is one of them," meaning one of the friends Jenelle was referring to in the video, then added "Time for a one piece girlfriend too heavy and too old."

Another person tried to make the same "joke," asking "Is Slim Fast one of them?"

When one of her followers asked where she got her swimsuit, yet another jokester answered "Giants R Us."

And then there were the comments that asked if she was pregnant, because as we all know by now, a woman is not allowed to have an ounce of fat on her stomach without getting questioned about the contents of her uterus.

Photo via Instagram

Jenelle chose one of those comments, one that just asked "Pregnant again?", to make a response video.

So did she confirm the rumors? Are she and David expecting their second child together?

Is Jenelle going to be the next Teen Mom to become a mother of four?

Jenelle Is Drinking


"Y’all always commenting something ignorant," she wrote in her caption, and in the video, she lip synced to the audio from another TikTok video.

"Um, no, dirty, that’s what a natural body look like," she mouthed. "And if you don’t like it, close your eyes and don’t open them again."

"Next time you breathe, don’t."

She wasn’t wearing a bikini in this video, but she did lift her shirt to show her stomach, and she clearly doesn’t look pregnant.

Look, the thing is that Jenelle is awful and she does awful things literally all of the time.

If you want to criticize her, there are plenty of valid criticisms to make.

But when you make fun of her body and make jokes about how she needs to lose weight, that’s crossing a line.

It also makes us feel the need to defend her against the body-shaming, and defending Jenelle is never a fun thing for us to do.

Jenelle Evans Labor Day Pic

So next time, could we just stick with speculating about her marriage or analyzing other TikToks that don’t have to do with what her body looks like in a bikini?

That would be way more fun for everyone, right?