Jenelle Evans Slammed by Teen Mom Fans: Stop Starving Your Kids!

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Jenelle Evans has a lot of haters.

Really just an astronomical amount of people who know of her and really strongly disagree with so many things that she says and does.

Jenelle With Ensley on Insta

From the outside looking in, it's always seemed like she just does a lot of bad things, you know?

But from Jenelle's point of view, we all think poorly of her because of some bad choices she made when she was a teenager and we all refuse to see how much she's grown over the past several years.

Considering that, she must really be frustrated with all the backlash she's getting for one of her latest TikToks.

This weekend, Jenelle shared a video of herself trying some food from a local deli.

Jenelle Is Down With the Sickness

She explained that Maryssa had had an appointment with her dentist, and while David took her inside the office, she and Ensley just hung out in the car.

While they were waiting, she decided to order herself a turkey club, and she also decided to film herself eating it.

"Look at how delicious this looks," she said, opening the container and looking at her phone.

This whole time, Ensley was just standing in the backseat, watching her mother and then looking at the food.

Jenelle not feeding Ensley

As soon as Jenelle opened the box, which also contained a small bag of chips, her mouth dropped open and she said "Mommy mommy mommy, mommy, I wanted some chips too" in the most pitiful little voice.

"OK, you can have some of mine," Jenelle told her before picking up a piece of the sandwich and taking a huge bite while staring at the camera.

"Mmmm," she said, half-heartedly trying to cover up the glob of mayonaise on her face.

Jenelle not feeding Ensley 2

She then explained where the deli was located and grabbed a napkin to wipe her face, all while Ensley watched her and tried to rustle around in the bag for some food.

The video ended with Jenelle making a sex joke about the mayonaise -- she tried to lick it off of herself first before laughing and saying "That looked wrong" -- while Ensley grabbed a cup of something from the bag and said "Mommy!"

The whole thing was very, very strange, and of course the good folks over on Reddit wanted to discuss it.

Jenelle not feeding Ensley 3

"Oh look, another one of Jenelle's children asking for food and not getting any," one person wrote, referencing the classic Teen Mom 2 scene of Kaiser screaming "Feed me!" while Jenelle and David did a photo shoot.

"You know how much better this would have been if she just let Ensley have a bite first," someone else pointed out. "It would have been way cuter and maybe even make her seem like a real person."

"She's saying that Ensley already ate before this," another Reddit user reported, which is true -- when she started getting bashed in the comments of her video for ignoring Ensley, she said that she'd had chicken nuggets and french fries and she'd eaten them already.

Jenelle, Ensley and a Tube

But that person didn't buy it, because they added "Sure that's why she's staring at you eat, poor kid was hungry."

"Lmao, she didn't get Ensley sh-t," read another comment. "Man, mom of the century over here!"

One comment summed up the entire video pretty well with "You ate a sandwich, ignored your daughter and made a jizz joke. Good job Jenelle, really creating some smashing original content."

Another summary, this one a bit more pithy, read "Feed your f-cking child, you trog."

Do you think this criticism is too harsh?

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