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Things are going from bad to worse for Wendy Williams.

On Wednesday, the polarizing television personality announced that she has been forced to push back the upcoming season premiere of her talk show, confirming as much just days after also saying she was suffering from ongoing medical concerns.

Wendy Williams in Red

"While continuing her health evaluations, Wendy has tested positive for a breakthrough case of COVID-19," a statement on the star’s Instagram account now reads.

"To allow Wendy time to quarantine and fully recover and to ensure that our production abides by all SAG/AFTRA and DGA Covid protocols, we expect to begin the 13th season of The Wendy Williams Show on Monday, October 4thh.

"In the meantime, repeats will be scheduled."

The progrram has previously been set to return on Monday, September 20.

Labeling this diagnosis as a breakthrough case means that Williams is fully vaccinated against the aforementioned virus.

For the most part, vaccinated people who test positive will remain asymptomatic or experience a far milder illness than if they were not vaccinated.

The majority of deaths from COVID-19 — as high as 98 to 99 percent — are in unvaccinated people, as these vaccines are not meant to make one immune… but just to greatly, GREATLY minimize the damage this virus can cause.

Williams, meanwhile, has been dealing with a number of pressing physical issues for years now.

Wendy Williams in Front of the Camera

Last May, the 57-year-old TV personality took time off from her popular talk show due to health concerns surrounding Graves’ disease.

At that time, a spokesperson said that Williams had been "dealing with symptoms from her Graves’ disease, which is causing fatigue" and that she needed to go on hiatus as a result.

In 2018, Williams opened up to People Magazine about the immune system disorder, explaining that she was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism 19 years earlier.

"I had a storm going in my body is the best way I can explain it," said Williams back then.

"It came from me neglecting my six-month endocrinology appointment. I have Graves’ disease and hyperthyroid."

Photo via Instagram

Williams has also battled a substance abuse problem over the years and reportedly attempted suicide last summer.

This report has never been verified, however.

In October 2020, while filming episodes of her talk show from home, Williams responded to chatter over her bizarre behavior.

"I guess every day is not perfect, but I’m not a perfectionist. I’m not perfect," she said.

"But I do appreciate you putting in the effort to watch us. I love entertaining you, you know? And it’s not easy. It is not easy. You’re a tough crowd."

Wendy Williams is a Hot Mess
Photo via Wendy Williams

Last week, meanwhile, Williams’ team announced that that Wendy was canceling her upcoming public appearances due to "ongoing health issues."

"Wendy is dealing with some ongoing health issues and is undergoing further evaluations," the previous message read.

"She will not be able to complete her promotional activities next week, but can’t wait to be back in her purple chair Monday, September 20th for the 13th season premiere."

That date, as outined above, has now been changed to October 4.