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Back in June, Meghan Markle welcomed her second child, a girl named Lilibet.

The name was taken from a nickname that Prince Philip had often used when referring to his wife, Queen Elizabeth II.

As the girl was born less than two months after Philip’s death, royal watchers — even the ones who harbor an irrational contempt for Meghan — thought the moniker a fitting tribute.

Now, however, many of those same royalists are wagging a reporoachful finger in Meghan and Harry’s direction.

Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth Split

It seems that Harry and Meghan have not yet introduced the Queen to her namesake, Lilibet.

This is understandable, of course, as Harry lives thousands of miles away from his grandmother, and his travel options are still limited as a result of the pandemic.

(He’s made several trips to the UK in recent months, but he’s been harshly criticized each time.)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in 2018
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Now, critics are pointing out that Harry and Meghan are taking a rather large risk by waiting so long to introduce Lilibet to her great-grandmother.

The queen, after all, is 95 years old, and while she may live another decade, there’s certainly no guarantee of that.

Naturally, the UK media is placing much of the blame on Meghan, but there’s no reason to believe that the decision is hers.

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Insiders say that Harry would like to have Lilibet Christened in the UK, and while that may be true, there’s no indication that Meghan has opposed this agenda.

Even so, the fact that Liz and Lili still haven’t met has been taken by many of the Sussexes’ harshest critics as yet another reason to talk trash about Meghan.

Travel restrictions are now being loosened in the UK, and the British media is seizing the opportunity to put the pressure Harry.

Prince Phillip, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

In a new interview with the Daily Mirror, the Sun writer Adam Helliker (the tabloids are really joining forces on this one!) said it’s “imperative for family unity" that Harry and Meghan bring their kids to London ASAP.

Yes, apparently tabloid columnists are family therapists now. Who knew?!

“I think Harry will feel particularly guilty if [the Queen] doesn’t see the great-grandchildren she’s not seen much of – or the great-granddaughter she’s not seen at all," Helliker added.

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"I think if they’re going to try to patch things up – and we all hope they will work to increase what remains of the unity between them and the family – then I think it’s paramount that they start planning a trip for maybe early December," he continued.

"I doubt obviously they want to be restricted by spending any Christmases at Sandringham, but maybe a mid-December pre-Christmas trip to say hello to the family.”

Of course, Harry and Meghan can "say hello to the family" over Zoom.

Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth

What the British press really wants is all the fanfare that would come from a return visit to Buckingham Palace.

The headlines about the Sussexes groveling for forgiveness, or about four generations of royals convening under a single roof practically write themselves.

Don’t get us wrong — we hope that the Queen will get a chance to meet Lilibet sometime in the very near future.

But we also believe that Harry and Meghan have enough on their plate at the moment without having pressure from the UK press piled on.