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In the weeks since dumping Scott Disick, Amelia Hamlin has bared everything except her feelings on the split.

That’s fair. Breakups are weird, even when it was your call, and especially if you’re famous.

Amelia dove headfirst into work and the social scene (barely distinguishable from one another during Fashion Month).

Now, however, it looks like she’s processed a lot … and is ready to talk.

Scott Kisses Amelia

Amelia Gray Hamlin still isn’t dropping the S-word, but she doesn’t have to.

(To be clear, the S-word in this context is "Scott")

But with the message that she shared to her Instagram Stories, it doesn’t take a lot for him to come to mind.

Photo via Instagram

"The longer you entertain what’s not for you," begins the message.

Amelia’s Instagram Story wisdom continues: "The longer you postpone what is."

The message concludes: "Read that again."

Obviously, it was a repost of a previous post that has likely circulated many places in many forms.

But it was still a conscious choice on Amelia’s part to share it.

Given the recent events of her life, well, it doesn’t sound like she’s commenting about London Fashion Week.

Photo via Instagram

Rather, it sounds like she’s talking about her breakup with Scott Disick and the relationship itself.

Was Scott the thing that was "not for" her?

Did Amelia "postpone what is" for her by dating him?

Amelia Hamlin With Scott

It’s not difficult to imagine.

After all, she is a gorgeous 20-year-old model with a blooming career.

She wasted nearly a year of her fleeting youth with a bitter man twice her age who’s still hung up on his ex.

Photo via Instagram

On the other hand, was that necessarily wasted time?

Amelia was already a famous model with famous parents who’d appeared on reality television.

But there is no question that she has made more headlines since slipping it to Scott. That can’t hurt her career, can it?

Photo via Instagram

Ultimately, there’s no way to know for sure how Amelia feels about Scott except that she’s over him.

That much has been consistently laid out in reports following their breakup.

As for whether Amelia was talking about Scott in this particular post … we think so, but your guess is as good as ours.

Photo via Instagram

It’s a difficult thing to come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t your precocious maturity that that drew an old ass man to you as a teen.

Scott can joke about how his immaturity puts him on the same level of the barely legal models he loves to bone, but it’s not funny anymore.

Dating one teen model could have been a fluke. Now that it’s more than one … it’s creepy.

Scott With Amelia
Photo via Instagram

It’s also more than a little sad.

It’s sad for Scott since he obviously has fundamental issues that a grown woman won’t put up with.

But it’s sadder for girls like Amelia and Sofia, who squandered valuable years of early adulthood on Scott’s nonsense.

Amelia Hamlin Slowly Puts on a Sweater

They didn’t choose this. They thought that they just had an older boyfriend.

But Scott has made it very clear, especially in those pathetic DMs to Younes Bendjima, that he’s kind of a manbaby who’s hung up on his ex.

Good for Amelia for saying goodbye to the one thing that was holding her back — whether or not it was Scott.