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Larissa Lima has been seeking to be free of her 90 Day Fiance contract one year after her abrupt firing.

She wants to relaunch her reality TV career, and knows that she has the potential for a bright future ahead of her.

But that doesn’t mean that Larissa has forgotten the struggles and traumas of her past.

This week, Larissa marked the one year anniversary of when her life was turned upside down.

Larissa Lima Smells a Red Rose

"It’s been One Year One year ago, I was fired," Larissa Lima began her caption.

"One year ago," she lamented, "a person I trusted as my friend was sharing my photos from my onlyfans."

"And," Larissa detailed, that fake friend was "spreading them to isolate me from other friends."

Larissa Lima Shows Off on Instagram

"I wasn’t ready yet to speak about what I was doing," Larissa explained.

"I even knew I was doing at time that right was stole from me," she continued.

The incident left her emotionally scarred "but made me stronger."

Larissa Lima Discusses OnlyFans on YouTube

"People will do anything to hide their own misery," Larissa expressed with regret.

She noted that many love to "point" out "others ‘failures.’"

"Never judge someone’s character based on the words of another," Larissa sagely advised.

"Instead," Larissa wrote, "study the motives behind the words of the person casting the bad judgment."

"I had to rebuild myself," she recalled.

"And," Larissa continued, she had to "make new friends from scratch."

"It was already one year ago, that I was arrested by ICE," Larissa noted.

"And," she described, she was at that time "detained several hours."

Larissa went through all of this "only to have the frightening experience called a ‘publicity stunt’ by so many."

Larissa Lima Sits in the Cold Sunlight

"One year now of having my Onlyfans," Larissa noted on a more positive side.

"And it’s still going strong," she affirmed, "and I’m making good money."

Larissa added: "It was a year ago that people told me they wanted 20%, 30% of my gross profit, and I said, ‘No.’"

"It took a whole year, but Eric and I finally understand one another," Larissa announced.

"And," she wrote, "are great at co-parenting our fur babies."

That is actually fantastic news to hear. Their dramatic ups and downs have worried us more than once.

"It was One year ago today, that my life broke into a million pieces," Larissa reflected.

"But I put myself back together again," she wrote.

Larissa reassembled herself "one piece at a time."

"Thank you @jooolyagooolya @samara.saminha @savagedebbiej @vanessaj_702 @juju.beesh @coca.live86 @johnyates327tv," she wrote.

Particularly recognizable names there are Vanessa Guerra (Colt’s wife), 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, and Debbie Johnson.

Larissa expressed that it was kind of them "to care about me when I most needed."

Debbie Johnson and Larissa Lima

The mention of Debbie Johnson, with whom Larissa was once in a strongly antagonistic relationship, earned a response.

"Thank you," Debbie wrote. "You know anytime you need me all you have to do is call."

To her former daughter-in-law, Debbie then added: "I only want the best for you. Stay happy, stay safe."

You know what that is? Growth.

Growth on both sides.

For the longest time, 90 Day Fiance editors had viewers believing that Debbie and Larissa were both reality TV villains.

Debbie Johnson hears - did you know that Jess had a problem [with Vanessa]?

While they both had their moments, both sharing the screen and separately, time made it clear that this was not quite the case.

By the time that Colt was lying to and cheating on yet another woman — Jess Caroline — it was clear that Debbie was never the problem.

Oh, she stirred the pot, absolutely. But she’s not responsible for her son’s behavior or its effect upon the women in his life.

Larissa Lima Wears Pink on YouTube

It is so encouraging to see Larissa where she is now compared to where she was two years ago — or three.

We would love to see her return to reality television in some form.

Even if you don’t care for her as much as we do, you have to admit it: she’s entertaining.