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Mama June Shannon’s rumored romance with a 24-year-old boy toy TikTok star has been turning heads.

In fact, her family has commented on the arrangement, citing their concerns that this is a threat to her sobriety — and her finances.

June is clapping back, however. She’s also denying almost everything.

She insists that she’s nobody’s sugar mama. She claims she and Jordan are just "best friends."

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Recently, June Shannon’s eldest daughter, Anna Cardwell, shared her worries.

She warned that 24-year-old Jordan McCollum is only after June’s money.

He has received not one but two cars as gifts from her, alongside other pricey gifts totaling a reported $40k.

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Additionally, Anna feared that this could be a threat to June’s sobriety.

Jordan has also struggled with addiction, and became sober much more recently than June did.

Anna worries that if Jordan falls off of the wagon, he could drag June down with him.

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Clearly, June saw what Anna had to say, either directly — in the interview — or from fans relaying her daughter’s concerns.

She was clearly unhappy.

Taking to social media, June left a lengthy comment declaring that her daughter doesn’t know her business and should butt out.

"I’m just gonna put this out there," Mama June began.

She claimed: "to be honest with you Anna really does’t know anything about my addiction."

June added that Anna "doesn’t know anything about my clean time."

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"And when the story came out," June revealed, "she was hanging around my very toxic mother."

"’ONLY MY BEST FRIEND," she loudly insisted.

June continued: "FYI guys Jordan is only my best friend."

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"It’s not somebody that is my toy boy or I’m not his sugar mama," June alleged.

She added that "we r friends."

For the record, Anna didn’t say otherwise … except that she’s sure that her mother wants more from him.

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"Jordan is a amazing person," June declared.

"[And] yes we bonded over recovery," she admitted.

"But there is no romantic connection whatsoever," June concluded, "and now it time to talk about something else."

Some fans are wondering what to make of this claim that June has made.

Aside from their struggles with addiction, what does a 24-year-old dad have in common with a grandmother in her forties?

Is it unreasonable for Anna to speculate that her mother wants to bone the reasonably handsome, much-younger man?

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It’s easy to see this from June’s perspective.

First of all, she has to be embarrassed.

Whether or not she’s porking this young DILF, she’d be humiliated by widespread coverage of them.

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Many of us have sat down to dinner with friends in a restaurant (albeit not for the past 540 days, in my case) only for a waiter to make assumptions about who is dating whom.

Public figures experience a magnified version of this, where anyone seen in their orbit could end up in headlines.

Is that’s what is happening here?

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Maybe not.

There’s a big difference between sitting beside your friend at dinner and buying them a car.

Sorry, scratch that — buying them two cars, and some furniture, and giving them a weekly allowance.

That certainly sounds like Jordan is her boy toy, her sugar baby, or however fans would like to see it.

In fact, it makes less sense if June really is just Jordan’s platonic friend with no inkling of a desire for more than that.

Only time will tell where this … very close, financially one-sided "friendship" goes from here.