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Mama June Shannon has moved on with a boy toy TikTok star, buying him cars and furniture.

June has defended her choice to date the 24-year-old DILF to fans, but they’re not the only ones who are worried.

Her eldest daughter may be semi-estranged from June, but she’s worried that this could lead June off of the wagon.

There is also a real chance that this could undo all of the progress that June has made repairing her bond with Lauryn and Alana.

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Anna Cardwell spoke to The Sun about her concerns about her mother’s new boy toy, Jordan McCollum.

“If he starts using again, that’s not healthy for Mama," she worried.

Jordan and June are both currently sober and have both struggled in the past with addiction.

"And," Anna pointed out, "he’s only 24-years-old."

42-year-old June has been a grandmother for nine years. That’s a substantial age gap.

"Mama needs to calm down and focus on herself," Anna opined.

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Anna, June’s eldest, is only two years older than Jordan.

Herself a mother, she added that this is not only about age difference.

Jordan has only been sober for a limited time, making Anna worry that his odds of relapsing are higher.

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“He doesn’t have a lot of time on him," Anna explained.

"If he relapses," she expressed, "I hope he at least does it away from her."

Anna added: "She’s on probation, and if she fails a drug test at any time she will go back to jail."

June’s health and the very real risk of prison are not the only concerns haunting Anna.

“She just got back with seeing Pumpkin again and Pumpkin’s new baby," she noted.

Anna expressed: "I just don’t want it to mess up Pumpkin again."

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“Alana was upset when Mama was messed up," Anna acknowledged.

"But, Anna added, "Pumpkin was pissed.”

Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon not only had to deal with June’s downward spiral, but took on the role of "sister-mom" to teenage Alana.

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Anna has real concerns about Jordan’s motives, and that June is already emotionally in over her head.

“She probably thinks she’s just his best friend," Anna speculated.

"But," she feared, "she probably wants more."

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Anna went on to make the eybrow-raising claim that she does not feel that a straight man and woman can be "just friends."

That, of course, was in reference to June’s characterization.

According to her public statements, the grandmother is merely platonic friends with Jordan and isn’t looking for more. Sure.

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Anna is seriously concerned that June has only one thing to offer Jordan.

“It looks like he just wants money," she suggested of the man who has received tens of thousands in gifts from June already.

"He’s been begging for money all over TikTok," Anna observed.

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It isn’t that June’s loved ones begrudge her the opportunity to find love now that she has moved on from Geno Doak.

Rather, Anna’s concern — and likely those of others in the family — is that June is making reckless choices.

Is she in a place financially to support a boy toy? Is she in a place in her sobriety where someone else’s relapse wouldn’t trigger her own?