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Earlier this year, Mama June Shannon parted ways with Geno Doak after tumultuous years of dating.

Now, the reality star has found herself a 24-year-old boy toy whom she appears to be spoiling with lavish gifts.

Fans took shots at her, accusing her of being dependent upon having a relationship and generally trashy.

June is clapping back, assuring the world that she knows exactly what she’s doing.

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News broke that June Shannon, a reality star and 42-year-old grandmother, has an apparent boytoy.

Jordan McCollum is a 24-year-old father and TikToker.

While he and June seem to be enjoying their current situation, some of June’s fans are disappointed — or even disgusted.

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On a Facebook community for fans of Mama June: Road to Redemption, one post called out June for this new relationship.

“I have no respect for June as a mother," the post began.

"The public humiliation [torwards] Honey Boo Boo alone, makes me weep," the author expressed.

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"June is selfish," the post accused.

"And apparently," the fan concluded, "can only function when she has a man in her life.”

The tricky thing about social media posts is that you never know who might see what you had to say.

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Mama June herself left a comment on the post.

“Lol I do very good with MYSELF," she declared.

June concluded her comment with an insincere: "thanks for concern though.”

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This was actually June’s first public reaction to reports about her boy toy.

Clearly, it was a little indirect, as June did not directly address any of what has been said about her and Jordan.

But she doesn’t exactly seem to be trying to keep it a secret.

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Reports have already revealed that June rented a home in Alabama for the young influencer.

She has also purchased not one, but two, cars for him — though the second seems to have been a replacement.

Apparently, the two have bonded over their shared struggles with addiction, as Jordan is also in recovery.

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Jordan also has a young daughter.

Most might not expect a 24-year-old TikToker to be a parent.

But Mama June became a grandmother at 33. This does not seem to faze her.

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"She really wanted to be public about their relationship," a previous report claimed.

"But," that insider added, "Jordan has tried to keep things more low-key."

The source pointed out: "You can tell how into him she is. She’s really flirty with him."

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June first purchased a 2013 Nissan Altima for Jordan.

When that broke down (alternator issue), she bought a 2019 model for him as a replacement.

Jordan has bragged about the pricey gifts on social media, referring to the unnamed benefactor as "someone very special."

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When Jordan posted an update featuring the second car, June replied with some flirty comments.

“You deserve it, and that’s a sexy car," June wrote, alongside heart emojis.

That’s the sort of vague-yet-obvious comment that plenty of people have left under posts by their sugar babies.

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The cars together seem to have cost $40,000, and reports say that the rental, furniture, and utilities have added another $10k on top of that.

June also reportedly gives Jordan a weekly allowance.

We know that June’s life is back on track with her return to reality television, but some fans are concerned that she has replaced one expensive habit with another.