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If you follow her on Instagram or TikTok, then you’re probably aware Jenelle Evans has been unemployed for several years now.

And not surprisingly, she’s growing increasingly bored.

Many of her followers have suggested that Jenelle get a real job, but that will never happen.

Instead, she’ll continue to hold out hope that she might one day return to television.

Jenelle Does Some Modeling

That will also never happen, but it’s fun to watch Jenelle try!

Her efforts to weasel her way back into to the media spotlight are always amusing, in large part because they’re so clueless.

The latest attempt — Jenelle’s laughably short-lived podcast — failed for the same reason as her all of her other get-rich-quick schemes:

Jenelle Has a Podcast

1. This a woman who wished death on a US soldier, who stood by and watched as her husband shot and killed the famiyl dog in front of her kids, who lost custody of those same children after a governmenrt investigation concluded that she failed to provide then with a safe, clean environment.

At this point, the public consensus id that Jenelle is not the victim of a "bad edit" — she’s just a bad person.

2. Like so many reality stars, she stumbled into a lucrative gig at an early age, whic resulted in an inflated and zero actual job experience.

Jenelle Evans, Way Up Close

As a result, Jenelle thinks she’s guranteed to be a success at whatever she does, even though she’s barely qualified to work the drive-thru window at McDonald’s.

Anyway, all of this is to say that Ms. Evans thinks she’s found another backdoor that will lead to mainstream fame and fortune.

But this one is so absurd that even Jenelle’s few remaining fans are laughing at her.

"Damn, Dancing With the Stars should have added me this year," Evans wrote in her Instagram Story on Thursday.

Evans loves to float this kind of idea as though it were a joke, when really she’s trying to gauge how her followers feel about it.

She can add as many laughing emojis as she wants, but the fact is, if DWTS producers were to offer Jenelle a spot in the competition, she’d snap it up on a heartbeat.

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

Not only is she desperate for cash (and something to do), Jenelle thinks she can dance — an opinion that many of her TikTok commenters seem to disagree with.

So it’s not surprising that Ms. Evans would harbor dreams of one day competing for the disco ball trophy.

But it is a surprising that she would express those hopes publicly and not expect to be roasted into oblivion.

Jenelle Selfie Alert

"So I’m not rich, attractive or have a ripped bod but I genuinely think all my problems would be solved if I had the level of delusion that Jenelle Evans has," one Twitter user tweeted in response to Jenelle’s DWTS post.

"This bish thinks she’s the sh-t when she’s just shi-t!"

Another person noted that Jenelle’s many health problems (if they’re real) would probably disqualify her from any sort of physically- demanding competition.

Jenelle Evans Video Still
Photo via Facebook

"You already tried that like 5 years ago. You’re nobody! Besides, how could you endure such a physically demanding schedule with your plethora of medical issues & upcoming paralysis?" they asked.

Yeah, even if producers were willing to overlook the many, many controversies that would come with casting Jenelle — which they never will — her constant complaints about her health would surely prevent them from taking a chance on her.

So we guess Jenelle will have to stick to making TikTok dance videos in her backyard.

Maybe David can make her a trophy out of scrap metal or something.