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Late this spring, we reported that Jenelle Evans and Andrew Kenton were suing John Yates.

Jenelle is a disgraced former Teen Mom 2 star. Andrew Kenton is a 90 Day Fiance alum. John Yates is a highly regarded blogger.

Months ago, they assembled some sort of wannabe legion of doom to take Yates to court.

Well … that lawsuit didn’t make it far. A judge has tossed it out.

Photo via Instagram

First, we should briefly explain who John Yates is and why all of this is happening.

He is a well known 90 Day Fiance blogger who uses Instagram to share exclusive information.

Sometimes, disreputable tabloids attempt to frame him as the "new man" in a 90 Day Fiance star’s life.

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He’s been rumored as a boyfriend to Tiffany Franco most recently.

That would be particularly surprising to John and to his husband, Cody.

John has formed friendships with some stars … but also developed feuds with some.

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John is known for lending a sympathetic ear to 90 Day Fiance stars who get worse edits than they deserve.

(Sometimes, he is too forgiving … Geoffrey Paschel does not deserve his kindness, or anyone’s)

In particular, John forged a supportive bond with Deavan Clegg, who was often a punching bag in the editing room.

John Yates interview with Deavan Clegg November 2020

So that is how it came to pass that John was reporting closely on Deavan’s new venture.

Once upon a time, Deavan was going to be part of a Girl S–t Podcast, a project teased early this year.

Another person included in the podcast was Jenelle Evans, a widely and justifiably disliked former MTV star.

Deavan Clegg, Jenelle Evans Pic

Even Deavan’s harshest critics know that she is an outspoken opponent of domestic violence.

Given … just about everything about Jenelle, fans were shocked to see that they were posing for selfies together.

Deavans fans let her know what kind of company she was keeping, and Deavan was horrified.

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Now, Deavan took to social media to call out Jenelle, even citing things she had seen during their limited time together.

As much as we would love to focus upon their feud, well, feuds don’t get thrown out in court.

The same cannot be said for the lawsuit that followed.

Deavan Clegg Shows Off Freshly Plumped Lips
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See, Jenelle was reportedly fired from the podcast following this.

In fact, it was even said that she was banned from a party … one that she was described as trying to crash.

But Jenelle repeatedly insisted that, all reports and direct statements from others notwithstanding, she had not been fired.

Jenelle Talks Drugs

So Jenelle sued John Yates for reporting that she had been fired.

She was not alone, as his first-to-break-the-news reporting put him in the line of fire of multiple people.

Some were involved in the ill-advised and ill-fated fundraiser for Jihoon Lee, Deavan’s ex. (Yeah, that didn’t work out either)

Deavan Clegg with Vibrant Eyes

Instead of running through the whole list, we’ll mention that Andrew Kenton was also part of the lawsuit.

He accused John Yates of damaging his and his mother’s daycare business by reporting that he’d used part of a federal PPP loan to purchase his airline tickets.

We of course cannot verify whether John’s reporting on that was accurate, though he has a lengthy history of being correct.

Jenelle Talks Covid

So, Jenelle, Andrew, and some others sued John Yates (and Sharrell’s World on YouTube, and others … don’t worry about it).

The wheels of the law — or, in this case, civil court — turn slowly.

And now that proverbial wheel has come to a grinding halt.

Deavan Clegg Reflects
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On Friday, a Utah District Court judge dismissed the lawsuit.

The attorney representing Jenelle, Andrew, etc failed to even prove that the court had jurisdiction over the case.

That’s … a pretty anticlimactic way of getting your case thrown out, don’t you think?

John Yates interviews Larissa Lima

Now, the case was dismissed without prejudice, so it could be brought back.

But the plaintiffs would have to, you know, do it right this time and actually prove that they have standing to sue.

If they’re smart, they might put this embarrassing incident behind them and just move on quietly. But … are they smart?