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All summer long, the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been bracing for a casting shakeup.

A new report describes new faces appearing and old faces absent, and it comes from someone who should know.

There has been a lot of speculation that some Housewives are headed out, either by Bravo’s hand or their own.

But if you’re thinking that Porsha Williams is bidding farewell to her Peach, don’t count her out just yet.

Porsha Williams on TV

Page Six reports that, according to inside sources close to Porsha, she’s still a Real Housewife.

For now, anyway.

The insider emphasized that "nothing is finalized at this point."

Porsha Williams at Home
Photo via Instagram

“Porsha is still in communication with the network," the source confirmed.

"And," the insider added, Porsha is still in "talks to participate in Season 14 are ongoing."

So the widespread rumors that have plagued fans lately are not set in stone just yet.

Porsha Williams: A Selfie

A follow-up inside source also shared that Porsha has given some thought to departing the show.

“In the past, Porsha has repeatedly told her castmates that she doesn’t want to come back to the show," the insider said.

Oh, really?

Photo via Bravo

The source explained: "Even though it’s such a successful show and she’s loved by fans."

The insider continued: "She thinks she might want to explore her career beyond the show."

The source then acknowledged: “She’s also worn out by Kenya [Moore] and all the drama she’s put her through.”

Porsha Dubs
Photo via BRAVO

Yes, Porsha and Kenya have fueded intensely.

The two even got into a physical altercation at the Season 6 Reunion way back in 2014.

But feuding and considering quitting in the past doesn’t mean that this is how she is feeling now.

Photo via Bravo

If Porsha does leave the show, it won’t be because Kenya ran her off.

“Porsha has a lot more going on in her life than anything having to do with Kenya,” the insider noted.

That makes sense. What we see on screen is just a small piece of the puzzle of a Housewife’s real life.

Photo via Instagram

Porsha has been a fan-favorite for years, following her rapid ascent in the esteem of viewers since she first joined.

In 2019, Porsha received her very own spin-off, albeit one with a limited premise.

Porsha’s Having a Baby documented her journey to parenthood, the birth of her daughter, Pilar Jhena, and her (now ex) partner Dennis McKinley.

Photo via Bravo

Porsha is also one of the current hosts of Bravo’s Chat Room.

Gizelle Bryant, of The Real Housewives of Potomac, is her co-host.

And that is not all.

Photo via YouTube

Back in May, it was reported that Bravo greenlit yet another spinoff specifically for Porsha Williams.

The focus of this spinoff is about Porsha’s activism and about her family.

Porsha has used her platform courageously to support vital Black Lives Matter causes, putting her safety on the line for a better future.

Porsha Williams Following Her Arrest

“There are so many opportunities for Porsha right now,” the inside source pointed out.

“There’s a feeling she may have outgrown ‘Housewives," the insider added.

"And," the source suggested, Porsha "could very well pull a Bethenny Frankel or NeNe Leakes, where she takes time off and then comes back.”