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Paradise came crashing down for Ivan Hall on Tuesday night.

On the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, this contestant was pulled aside by Wells Adams for a private chat to about Hall’s behavior the night before while he and the cast werre sequestered at a hotel due to a dangerous storm. 

What, exactly, was the issue?

Ivan Hall in Paradise

As it turns out, Hall snuck out of his hotel room to use producer’s phone.

From there, Ivan managed to track down the hotel room for Alexa Caves… an alum of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor who had not yet appeared on the program … yet who was apparently going to arrive on beach in the coming days.

Talk about a ballsy move, right?

And also a very dumb one.

Hall tried to explain that "feeling lost" that evening after Kendall Long ended their relationship and left the island.

He added that Caves had been a person he’d been hoping to see on the beach and that he spent awhile in her room — very much against the rules, of course.

In response, Wells to asked Ivan to share everything with the rest of the cast, after which a contrite Ivan announced he was leaving the show.

"It was wrong of me — I shouldn’t have gone around the system," Ivan told Wells.

"My mind was just in a weird place, and I was wrong. You know, love makes you do weird, crazy things. I made a mistake, and it was a giant mistake."

Hall finished third on Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette.

He apologized profusely to Chelsea Vaughn on air because the pair had made out earlier in the day, which had led to a heated argument with Aaron Clancy at the time. 

Watch Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 10 Online
Watch Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 10 Online

Ivan told everyone he would have turned down Chelsea’s rose had it been offered, prompting her to tell the camera that she didn’t appreciate his "audacity."

As the drama played out on ABC, Ivan posted a GIF to his Instagram Story of himself shaking his head on the show, adding the message:

"The way @bachelorinparadise is going tonight." 

Meanwhile, it now sounds like Hall is now trying to use his error in judgment for his benefit — and to turn a profit.

During the episode, you see, Ivan retweeted his own tweet from last week that stated as follows:

"Whoever gets my first post paradise podcast interview is going to get some gold."

In the retweet, he added the note: "Still can’t wait for this."

This, of course, was written in real time.

Ivan and Tayshia Together

Back during his ride home, however, which was filmed several weeks ago, Ivan statedd:

"I was being selfish when I went to go meet Alexa. I hate that I’ve put a sour note on the rose ceremony.

"I don’t want anybody to feel bad for me at all. I made a choice, and I have to own that choice.

"And I’m gonna continue to think about this and regret it. And I’ll live with this for the rest of my life."