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Say this for Kendall Long:

At least she won’t have any regrets.

On last week’s brand new episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt made it clear that they were falling hard for each other.

How cute and endearing, right?

Joe and Kendall on Bachelor in Paradise

Perhaps to some, but not to Kendall… who did all she could on Tuesday night to see if any spark could be rekindled between herself and the long-time ABC personality affectionately known as Grocery Store Joe.

"I still feel like you’re my best friend," Long told Amabile, adding that it was "just hard" for her to see him with another woman.

Makes total sense, doesn’t it?

Even if the show on which they’re starring is built around the idea of various people dating and hooking up.

Photo via ABC

"Are you not over us?" Joe asked, to which Kendall admitted:

"I never stopped loving you."

From there, she asked Joe why he came on the series in the first place.

"To be honest, the reason I came out here was ’cause … I knew it was over between us," he said in painful response.

Photo via ABC

Translation? Not that one should really be needed?

Joe considers himself to be single and is extremely ready to mingle.

"If I didn’t feel that I wouldn’t have came. I was also kind of under the impression that you felt the same way," he said to Kendall.

"You were a big part of my life and I’m always going to care about you. I’m still always here for you."

Joe Amabile Pic
Photo via ABC

Amabile may have earned points for honestyl.

But that didn’t make his confession any easier to his ex to handle.

The exes hugged in the end, but Kendall ultimately decided to leave Paradise.

"This has been, like, really torturous," she said on air.

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Elsewhere on the beach, Ivan Hall was curious who his rose would come from after Kendall walked away.

He wanted to stay so he could meet new people.

And, as a result, he made his move on Chelsea after telling Aaron Clancy he wasn’t outwardly trying to steal anyone’s rose.

Aaron and Chelsea seemed to be in a good place after her date with Demar, although she then made out with Ivan, leading Aaron to confront him.

As the pair got in each other’s faces, a “to be continued” title card wrapped up the episode.