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Like every other member of her famous family, Jinger Duggar is facing an uncertain financial future these days.

And like her brothers and sisters, Jinger is doing her best to continue earning despite the public outcry about Josh Duggar’s arrest on child pornography charges.

Of course, many of Jinger’s old revenue streams are no longer available to her.

Counting On has been canceled by TLC, and it seems unlikely that any other TV network will be willing to touch the Duggar fam with a ten-foot pole anytime soon.

Evangeline and Jinger

And so, like many a washed-up reality star before her, Jinger has been forced to make her living on social media.

That means, of course, that she’s been posting sponsored content on her Instagram page.

Usually, there’s nothing controversial about something like that, but Jinger made some unexpected decisions with regard to her endorsement deal with children’s clothing line PatPat.

Jinger, Jeremy, and Felicity
Photo via Instagram

She was likely put in contact with the company by her sister Jessa, who also embarked on a recent sponsored content deal with PatPat.

The big difference between the sisters’ social media pages, however, is that Jessa shares photos of her kids all the time, whereas Jinger rarely posts pics of her daughters.

For a while, the absense of Jinger’s daughters created concern among fans, but then Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo issued a statement in which they revealed that they planned to keep their kids out of the social media spotlight for privacy’s sake.

Photo via Instagram

So you can imagine how surprised Jinger’s followers were when they saw the above photo of Felicity and Evangeline posted on Jinger’s page.

“’Don’t worry! Big sister is here,’" began Jinger’s lengthy caption about the power of matching outfits.

"Felicity is always running to help baby sister whenever she’s sad. It’s the sweetest thing to watch their relationship blossom. Also, big sister is ALL about matching these days," Jinger continued.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Adore Felicity Vuolo
Photo via Instagram

“I recently found @patpat_kids clothing. They have such cute, quality, great price—even coordinating outfits!" she added.

"Even though it doesn’t feel like Autumn weather, we will be over here rockin’ all the orange and eating all the pumpkin things! [orange heart and pumpkin emoji].”

Obviously, reality stars posting sponsored content is nothing new, and Jinger basically has no choice these days.

Photo via Instagram

The problem, some fans felt, was that Jinger betrayed her own principles by posting pics of her kids in exchange for a paycheck.

“If you want to keep your children out of the public [then] do so. But don’t use them as a prop to be an influencer," one commenter.

"Exactly. Publicity is used as a prop. They grift and beg for all the free stuff. Anything, so they don’t have to do actual work," another chimed in.

Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar, and Felicity Vuolo Attend a Wedding
Photo via Instagram

While most commenters were happy for the update on Jinger’s kids, several others echoed the sentiment that Jinger should have stuck to her guns if keeping her kids off the internet was actually important to her.

Jinger has yet to respond to the criticism, and obviously, she can do whatever she wants with pics of her own kids.

But it’s interesting that she changed her mind about something so important to her as soon as there was money involved!