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It’s been over six months since Chelsea Houska quit Teen Mom 2, and some fans are still in shock over the decision.

And the old wounds are newly re-opened by the premiere of a new season of TM2, the first that won’t feature Chelsea in any way.

Houska has spoken openly about her reasons for leaving the show, and the truth of her situation is just not as dramatic as some fans would prefer.

Chelsea Houska Is an Entrepreneur

There were rumors that Houska quit because of Covid testing requirements, or that she’d had some sort of falling out with producers.

But in reality, her reasons for stepping away were entirely reasonable and understandable:

Chelsea felt that Teen Mom 2 was bad for her mental health, and even more importantly, she felt there was a possibility that the show might serve as an obstacle to her kids’ development.

Chelsea and Cole in 2021
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Houska has been admirably candid about all of this from the start, even going so far as to explain her decision during her final TM2 reunion show.

But with a new season comes renewed interest in the woman who’s been described as the most popular Teen Mom in the entire franchise.

And so, Chelsea sat for a new interview with E! News in which she went into even greater detail about her decision to part ways with he MTV family.

Chelsea Houska Says Goodbye
Photo via MTV

“There just came a point — and I think it was a buildup almost — this feeling in my gut, or my heart, I guess. It just didn’t feel like I was supposed to be on that show anymore,” Houska told the outlet.

“There were conversations that Aubree and I were having from time to time, and there came a point where I was just worried because I don’t want her to ever be like, she can’t tell me things because it’s going to be aired to millions of people or whatever,” she added.

Yes, once again, Chelsea is executing an impressive balancing act by admitting that she left the show for the safety and privacy of her children, while not throwing any shade at her former co-stars who have chosen to remain.

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When asked for specifics, Chelsea admits that the strained relationship between daughter Aubree and her father, Adam Lind, was a major factor in her decision to step down.

“The stuff that was going on with her dad … it was from my point of view [on 16 & Pregnant],” Houska said, noting that as Aubree got older, “it started coming from her point of view.”

“I think that deserves to be private for her. That was ultimately what kind of pushed me to decide to step away and leave that chapter of life," Chelsea explained.

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Asked about the production team she’s been working with since her 16 & Pregnant days, Chelsea had nothing but good things to say:

“I think we’ll always, always be close,” she shared.

“They were here in our house with our kids, seeing conversations about some personal things, and you just form a relationship with people, and it truly is a meaningful relationship.”

Chelsea Houska on Insta

As for what’s next, Chelsea says her focus is on offering her fans a line of affordable home decor products that are of a higher quality than they might find elsewhere"

“Cole and I built our house this last year and throughout the whole process, we just fell in love with everything about home stuff, home decor, the building process … everything about it,” Chelsea said.

“We’re like, let’s just go for it and try to make our own thing, you know? And it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while," Houska added.

Chelsea Houska and Aubree Ad
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"I’ve wanted to have my own thing. We just went for it.”

We’re sure Chelsea will bring the same work ethic and integrity to her new venture as she brought to the often cutthroat world of reality television.

And because of that, we’re sure she’ll be successful.