Audrey Roloff Pens Heartfelt Tribute to Daughter: You're 4... and Amazing!

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Say what you want about Audrey Roloff.

Based on some of the comments she's made in the past, we certainly have.

But you also must say the following about the former Little People, Big World star:

She has a way with words.

Ember is 4!

The podcast host and author showed off this talent over the weekend, too, as she paid emotional and heartfelt tribute to daughter Ember.

"You are F O U R!," wrote Audrey to open a lengthy caption that centered on the photos above and below.

Continued the pregnant mother of two:

"You are my excitable, determined, articulate, inviting, imaginative, compassionate, adventurous, creative, brave, always-singing, dress wearin, barefoot runnin, watermelon eatin, kitchen helpin, ballet dancin, chicken egg collectin, flower lovin girl..."

Ember at 4

Audrey went on:

In your own words… “I’m a swimmer, and a jumper, and a ride biker, and a colorer, and a painter, and a crafter, and a swinger, and a helper, and an eater, and a reader booker, and a bath tuber.

You continue to bring daily joy and laughter to our home.

You always amaze us with how forward thinking you are and how eager you are to try new things.

You love inviting others into your fun ideas.

Ember Roloff Picture

According to Audrey, Ember requested a mermaid-themed party because she swims like a mermaid. Even though she's only seen The Little Mermaid once.

Concludde Ember's extremely proud mother:

You always say you love us “all the way to the sky and back down and to the sky and down a thousand thousand thousand times” but mom and dad love you more precious girl.

We love who you are and who you are becoming. To raise you and love you is a gift.

Big Kiss for Mom

Audrey, of course, is expecting a younger brother or sister for Ember and her brother, Bode.

She and husband Jeremy have decided not to learn the gender of their impending baby this time around, although they should find out in the pretty near future whether it will be a boy or a girl.

Audrey is due in November.

With His 4-Year Old

The former reality star has never been the most popular social media user; not when she says weird things like how she tans well because she's part Native American.

Audrey can also come across as rather pompous.

But one thing cannot be denied? Even by her most loudspoken critics, haters and trolls.

And that one thing is this:

Audrey Roloff with the Selfie

Audrey Roloff loves her kids.

On that point, we should all be able to agree.

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