Audrey Roloff Says She Tans Well Because... Well, She's Part Native American

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Based on a bunch of recent social media evidence, it doesn't appear as if Audrey Roloff is feuding with her sister-in-law any longer.

After many months of Audrey and Tori neverr acknowledging the other in seemingly any way, the former rushed to the defense of the latter late last month.

It was very nice to see.

Audrey Roloff with a Baby Bump

But while Audrey is on good terms these days with various members of her family, the same cannot be said for the podcast host and a bunch of social media followers out therer.

Not after Roloff said something rather unusual during an Instagram Q&A.

The back-and-forth started pretty innocently, too, with one fan asking the expecting mother of two:

"How do you tan as a redhead?"

audrey red head

"I'd say I can tan pretty well for a redhead. I'm part Italian and Native American so maybe that has something to do with it?" replied Audrey, adding:

"And I don't use self tanner, but I do get spray tans for events and photo shoots."

The inquiry arose, we think, after Audrey looked gorgeous and dark for Amy Roloff's wedding on August 28 to Chris Marek.

But that doesn't explain Audrey's unexpected citatiion of her alleged Native American heritage.

Audrey Roloff at 7 Months

Critics didn't take long to flock to Reddit after Audrey made this remark, dragging the former Little People, Big World star for making such a random connection.

"No, she did not say she’s part Native American for tanning," one individual wrote, while another fired back as follows:

"Well, this is dumb. I’m a redhead with almost half Italian and I don’t tan. Lol."

"Nothing like the natural ingredients like a chemical spray tan for my 'Native American/Italian' skin," a third user commented.

Audrey and Amy Roloff

Roloff, of course, is no stranger to controversy.

On multiple occasions in the past, she's been accused, for example, of trying to monetize her marriage at every opportunity -- considering how she's written a book on the subject and is always bringing it up on Instagram.

"We believe marriage [serves] a greater purpose than loving each other," Audrey replied to this line of criticism awhile back.

"We believe it can serve and bless others and have a specific unified purpose, vision, and mission."

Roloffs on July 4

Audrey has also garnered feedback in the past for coming across as pompous, hypocritical and/or just plain annoying on social media.

She hears it all, too.

She just tries very hard to ignore the haters and the trolls.

It's just not always easy.

Audrey Roloff Baby Bump #3

"I'm honestly pretty good at brushing them off," Audrey previous said when asked about this topic.

"Realizing they don't have context and that I don't have to defend every accusation made against me helps and is freeing."

"I'm also reminded that 'hurt people hurt people.' But I can't say I'm never [affected]. I am human just like you and people say some pretty sh**** things."

Audrey and husband Jeremy are expecting their third child in November.

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