Kenneth Petty: Nicki Minaj's Husband to Face Rape Accuser In Court

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When Nicki Minaj married Kenneth Petty back in 2019, many of her fans were deeply dismayed.

And it's certainly not hard to see why they may have been concerned.

Petty is a convicted rapist who also served time on manslaughter charges.

Minaj welcomed a child with Petty in October of last year, a fact that has resulted in even greater concern for Nicki's well-being, as well as that of her baby. 

Nicki Minaj, Husband

And now, it looks as though this very messy marriage is about to get even more complex.

According to a new report from Radar Online Petty will soon be forced to face off in court against one of his alleged rape victims.

Back in June, Jennifer Hough filed a civil suit against Petty for sexual assault.

Kenneth Petty Mugshot

Many assumed that the case would be settled out of court, and that Nicki would pay just about any amount to keep this case from going to court, and thus, attracting more media attention to her ex's appalling past.

But according to Radar, Hough's attorneys are pressing forward and hoping to go to court as soon as possible.

The situation is shaping up to be a PR nightmare for Nicki, and not only because of what the trial might reveal about her husband.

Kenneth Petty with Nicki Minaj

According to Hough's suit, Minaj and Petty both attempted to strong-arm her into publicly recanting her claim that she was raped by Petty in 1994.

Hough says the couple started by offering bribes, but when she turned them down, they began to threaten her.

Recent court documents indicate that Minaj and Petty started out by "offering to have Defendant Minaj record a birthday video for Plaintiff’s daughter."

Kenneth Petty

When that didn't work, they "$500,000.00 in exchange for Plaintiff recanting her 1994 rape claim against Defendant."

And when Hough turned them down again, the couple made "threats of physical bodily harm."

Obviously, if this case doesn't go Nicki's way, the fallout is likely to do permanent damage to her career and reputation.

Kenneth Petty and Nicki Minaj

And that's why many are so shocked that she's allowing it to go to trial instead of just settling with Hough.

There are many reasons are this might be.

It could be that after years of consistent denials from Petty and Minaj, Hough wants her day in court.

Nicki Minaj is Scary

She might be welcoming the opportunity to present evidence and prove to the world that she's been telling the truth this entire time.

Or it might be that Nicki is the one who wants this situation to play out publicly.

Perhaps she really believes that Hough is lying, and she believes this is the only way to make her fans and critics acknowledge the truth of the situation.

Nicki Minaj in Black

Whatever the case, this has the potential to be one of the biggest celebrity scandals to play out in years.

If Hough's attorneys are able to prove that Minaj played a role in attempting to forcibly silence a rape victim, the aftermath is sure to be devastating for Nicki.

In addition to yet another scandal that might well derail her career, Minaj could be facing criminal charges.

No word yet on when the trial might begin, but we'll keep you updated as additional information becomes available.

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