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Last week, Robert Springs and Anny Francisco welcomed their second child.

They are not the only 90 Day Fiance fan favorite couple to recently welcome a second son together.

Now, Anny has revealed the name of Baby #2 alongside precious photos.

Take a look below and get ready to say awwwww!

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"I present to you my prince Adriel Hassan," Anny captioned this sweet photo — and others.

She shared that her second child was "born on 9/7/2021."

Adriel Hassan was born "of 9 pounds 2 ounces and 20 inches," she wrote.

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"I thank God that he took care of me," Anny expressed.

"And," she continued, "everything went well."

Congratulations to her, to Robert, and to the adorably excited Bryson.

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Congratulations poured in from the 90 Day Fiance fandom, and not just from fans.

Here is a small sampling of replies that Anny swiftly received from stars, both loved and hated, both current and legendary.

We’re talking about Armando Rubio, Larissa Lima, and Darcey Silva.

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Amira Lollysa and Brittany Banks both showered Anny with love and congratulations.

So did Larissa Lima’s (former) friend, Carmen Nys, with whom Larissa stayed for a time after her divorce from Colt.

And so did universally beloved fan-favorite, Gwen Eymard, mother of Jovi and mother-in-law of Yara.

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“Much love and respect to my wife who’s the true warrior,” Robert wrote on his Instagram Story last week.

He praised Anny after she “Gave birth to our baby boy.”

That was how he broke the news, but he let Anny share the first photos and the name: Adriel Hassan.

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As for the name itself, it is a beautiful choice.

Adriel is a Hebrew name.

The simple, direct meaning of the name is "God is my help."

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Interestingly, there are seemingly two conflicting accounts of Adriels in the Tanakh and Old Testament.

However, modern scholars have concluded that one may have been a copying error, made by a fatigued copying millennia ago and perpetuated since then.

The use of the suffix -el to mean "God" may also mean that the name predates Judaism, when suffixes like -bel and -el came to have monotheistic meanings.

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Hassan is a familiar Arabic name, which can mean "handsome" or "doer-of-good."

The latter is often translated as "benefactor."

Notably, there are multiple ways of pronouncing Hassan according to emphasis, and we’re not yet sure which Anny and Robert chose.

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Robert and Anny were given a "gold digger but there’s no gold to dig" edit by 90 Day Fiance.

After all, Robert had only known Anny in person for all of eight hours before he proposed.

It was, the show’s skewed depiction of their life together suggested, not meant to be.

Anny Francisco and Robert Spring

But what we see on screen is often just a slice — a carefully edited slice — of people’s real lives.

The truth is that Robert and Anny were married in a small, even humble ceremony in Florida and remain together.

They live with the two babies whom they have had together and with Robert’s son, Bryson, who was very excited to help "announce" this pregnancy. So sweet!